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Topic: Bagpipes

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    Is there anything out there for Giga that has a great set of bagpipes? Thanks...

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    Re: Bagpipes

    RARE Instruments has BagPipes I believe.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Bagpipes

    Thanks, just listened to the demo of RARE and it\'s very impressive. Sounds like the answer...

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    Re: Bagpipes

    I believe Franz/VR Sounds also has one.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Bagpipes

    I just used many of the selections from rare instruments including bagpipes in a production for a worship arts conference. Two pieces -- about 14 minutes of material. The rare instruments were very impressive, very believable -- they made the piece. Even though we had not gone into production with a CD of that music at the time of the conference, attendees insisted on placing orders anyway.


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    Re: Bagpipes

    Nick\'s \'Rare Instruments\' has a stunning set of Scottish pipes and a set of Irish pipes that can take you home.

    This library seems pricey (type XMAS at soundsonline to get 20% discount) but you also get a stack of really beatiful things (the Irish low flute is one of the finest samples I\'ve ever heard). It is great value.

    I believe Bolder sounds is doing a giga version of an ethnic collection (due out soon) that has some bagpipes (but you should check the site), the Bolder stuff also comes with a wide variety of other sounds.

    But, if you really need the absolute best sound you can get, then RI is the way to go. I bought it with some trepidation, but after being initially very happy with it, have found myself enjoying the library even more and more each day - it is very deep (and it doesn\'t, apparently, include Nick\'s latest anti-piracy device, which is nice).

    For my money, this library sets the standard for realism and playability.

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    Re: Bagpipes

    well, never mind then.

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    Re: Bagpipes

    You can find Rare I pretty cheap at www.soundchaser.com

    you dont build up East/West bonus points, but you do get a killer deal.

    Still want to pick that one up....grrrrr...

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Bagpipes

    We\'ve just spent about 2 weeks reviewing Rare Instruments for our new book. This library is without a doubt, the best collection of exotic instruments ever assembled. Nick has put together a great collection of very usable sounds. The Uillean pipes in particular are stunning. FYI, there is a huge difference in Scottish pipes and Irish (Uillean) pipes. Being of Scottish descent, I hate to say this but, the Irish pipes are what we associate with Titanic etc... They are typically played in a solo format as opposed to the Scottish \"War\" pipes which are played in mass (to make the enemy fear...).

    Nick\'s library is well recorded, extremely playable and well worth the money. I highly recommend it. More to come in the book.

    Paul Gilreath

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    Re: Bagpipes

    Paul, can you tell us something on this book?

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