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Topic: Have any of you guys heard "Lost Boys Chase" from Hook?

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    Have any of you guys heard \"Lost Boys Chase\" from Hook?

    My God! What a genius Williams is. This cue is tremendous. I\'ve never heard such incredible orchestration.
    It seems it would take a year to try and mock this up, but it sounds so difficult I wonder if it could even be done.
    How does he do this? The guy is truly magical.

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    Re: Have any of you guys heard \"Lost Boys Chase\" from Hook?

    Williams has the most complicated, detailed and brilliant orchestrations ever done hehe The Harry Potter score is another good example of this.

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    Re: Have any of you guys heard \"Lost Boys Chase\" from Hook?

    You see the thing about Williams is that he\'s a genius. Then there\'s the fact that he doesn\'t orchestrate the music himself. Not down to that detail that is heard in the scores anyway. Simon, I agree with you. The Harry Potter score is simply one of the most breathtaking scores I\'ve heard in maaany years. Every time I listen to it, it makes me realise why I love film music this much.
    Incredible stuff.

    Thomas - http://home.online.no/~finjaco/

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    Re: Have any of you guys heard \"Lost Boys Chase\" from Hook?

    Hey Thomas,
    Long time no see! Good to see ya back buddy .
    The thing that amazes me also with Williams is how precise he nails the cue with the movie all the time and the music is sometimes non-stop, especially in Harry Potter. I think 90 percent of the movie had music in it!
    Hey by the way Thomas, I love that \"Something Out There\" cue you did. Very nice!


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    Re: Have any of you guys heard \"Lost Boys Chase\" from Hook?

    Hi there Damon, glad to see the same active guys on the board! I\'ve been very busy with work at school. Now I have the christmas holiday to look forward to. And I certainly need the free time. I\'ve been asked to write a full blown orchestral piece for the symphony orchestra in my city. 10 minutes of length. It\'s gonna take ages. Can\'t wait for it to be performed though! it\'s a major breakthrough in my \"career\". I\'m lucky to have loads of brilliant musicians around to help me out with minor orchestration details. Oh and I\'m glad you like my little piece

    Anyway.. yes! John Williams is the master at capturing the right atmosphere. I was positively suprised when I saw Harry Potter. The fact that the music plays almost nonstop throughout the movie (mixed at a very generous level), and never gets dull is simply a breath of fresh air. Too many movies nowadays have the music shoved off in to the background. Cheers to the HP team for that one. I have listened to the HP score like at least 15 times and I always discover new orchestration details. Take the Harp and contrabassoon piece (for the sleeping 3-headed dog) fx. Now, could there be a more ingenious way of pulling this off? The crisp woody and dark (almost snoring) quality of the contrabassoon fits the 3 headed monster like a glove (not literally speaking of course) - listen to how he has written the bassoon part to breathe, like the monster. It is incredible. Such attention to detail. There are bits and pieces like this all the way through the score. I can\'t believe people are calling this score unoriginal. It\'s original in every aspect IMO. The LoTR score is getting VERY generous ratings. I don\'t think that score stands up to anything in the Williams score. The harmonies are bog standard, the themes are dull. In fact the only thing that really saves that score is the incredible textures. Then again I suppose that\'s Shore\'s speciality. I\'d love to hear some other peoples opinions on LoTR. Perhaps I\'m missing out on some crucial point(s)?


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    Re: Have any of you guys heard \"Lost Boys Chase\" from Hook?

    I was very unimpressed with John William\'s score of Harry Potter. Everytime I heard the fragment of the Darth Vader theme I got more and more irritated. I thought melodically and harmonically it was uninteresting and unoriginal. I felt it could have been much much better. Not that I could do any better though!

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    Re: Have any of you guys heard \"Lost Boys Chase\" from Hook?

    I haven\'t listened to the soundtrack, but I saw the movie twice. There were several places where I got hits of previous John Williams scores, which is why people are calling it unoriginal. There is a lot of \"Hook\" in the main theme, and I heard hints of E.T. as well. I thought I caught snippets of the Imperial march off and on. The biggest moment of musical deja vu, however, is the first time we see the Hogwarts Express... the horn plays the \"^4-^3-^2-^8-^5\" lick from the Star Wars main title! Perhaps I should buy the soundtrack and listen more closely, but I definitely left the theater feeling I had heard the music before.

    Not that that is a bad thing... movie scores (and John Williams in particular) were my first love in music, before even the three B\'s (Bach, Beethoven, Beatles )

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    Re: Have any of you guys heard \"Lost Boys Chase\" from Hook?

    Thomas, Williams does orchestrates his own scores fully. Yes, not technically, because part of the job of orchestrating is writing out each part for each instrument, in complete form, and no, he doesnt have time for that usually, so he just writes for example on an oboe part: unison with violins.
    Think about it.. John Williams always sounds like John Williams, no matter which orchestrator he uses. I think he\'s used 3 or 4 different, and I actually think there was no additional orchestrator involved in \'Seven Years in Tibet\' for example.

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    Re: Have any of you guys heard \"Lost Boys Chase\" from Hook?

    Williams never credits his orchestrators. I know what he does, Simon. Still, he is not the one doing the orchestrations, by definition. Had time permitted it he would obviously do it himself. It\'s not like he\'s incapable of doing so. Afterall he did in fact orchestrate major parts of ESB fx. Btw, Simon, the reason why Williams\' scores always sound the same is because of his unique composition technique. It is in fact the composition, not the orchestration, that sets his music apart from Goldsmith et al. The orchestration of most of Williams\' music is pretty standard fare, really. Listen to any Goldsmith or Horner music and you will hear the same bog standard rules of orchestration applied. What sets Williams\' music apart from the others is the innovating part writing. There\'s always something happening and the music never gets dull or uninspired, no matter if there\'s a theme present or not. His masterful use of motifs contributes largely to the overall quality of his scores.

    My point: it is not so much the orchestration as it is the part writing.

    He could give out his sketches or condensed scores with little instrument remarks to any great orchestrator and get pretty much the same results with minor tweaks. It\'s all in the composition! It\'s not like the orchestrators make up little motifs and passages as they go along. They merely transfer the music to an orchestral score. The technical issues involved in his process is naturally as demanding as any other respected art and craft. There is a reason why many orchestrators in L.A are more respected than the lot of the composers.

    StudioJ: I quote you \"I thought melodically and harmonically it was uninteresting and unoriginal.\"

    Okey that\'s fine that you think so. I won\'t argue with you there. I\'d just like to know what kind of harmonies you need to be satisfied. The Harry Potter score is full of interesting harmonies. Much more interesting than much of his ealier work. I sense an even more matured Williams in HP. It\'s a sad thing you don\'t do the same.

    If Harry Potter lacks interesting harmonies and themes, tell me; what does LoTR have to stand up with against HP in terms of thematic, harmonic and textural content? Nada IMO.

    JWink: Why does it bother you that the music hints towards earlier scores?

    I loved this score just as much as I loved the movie, perhaps even a little bit more than that! I think it beats Hook by a faar throw in originality, harmonies, themes, motifs, atmosphere, orchestration, textures and whatnot. It\'s simply a great score for a great movie! Well done Williams!

    Thomas - http://home.online.no/~finjaco/

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    Re: Have any of you guys heard \"Lost Boys Chase\" from Hook?

    I have a question I would like to

    I want to analyze film score`s and
    study about them.
    But I dont know where to start.I dont know where to put my eye`s(or ears) on.
    I really apreciate it if you could give
    me some advice.

    The reason I ask this is because
    I heard that, the best way to study or
    be able to compose film music is to
    listen to it and analiyze it.

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