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Topic: gigastudio or E-MU E-5000 ?

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    gigastudio or E-MU E-5000 ?

    which one should I get? My main concerns are reliability and low latency. I plan on buying a 1ghz comp soon with win2000 once the gigastudio supports it. I want to be able to trigger samples and record them all on one comp with no problems. From the posts I\'ve read, it seems like the giga has a hard time pulling that off with no errors, pops and clicks, and latencies. I know the giga gives endless sample storage but, I can also hook up a scsi drive to the E-MU.

    So any suggestions?

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    Re: gigastudio or E-MU E-5000 ?

    GS works flawlessly even with a sub-300MHz computer if you set it up right. Check out the \"Tips\" section for the \"How To\" on doing this.

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    Re: gigastudio or E-MU E-5000 ?

    As a previous owner of 4 Emu E4s, I can only say that since using giga, I\'ve sold all but one of them and rely solely on GS. It works for me. Plus, buying a scsi drive for an E5000 will only give you more storage space. You\'re still limited to the amount of RAM you have. It\'s a waste of money to buy a hardware sampler if you ask me.

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    Re: gigastudio or E-MU E-5000 ?

    Aren\'t you limited to the amount of ram in a computer also? seems like some guys buy a separate comp. just for the giga. Which ends up costing more than the e5000 anyway. I want to be able to record multiple tracks in logic and trigger multiple samples simultaneously with 1 computer, without bogging down the cpu.

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