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Topic: SBlive is driving me crazy. Please help!

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    SBlive is driving me crazy. Please help!

    Dear all, I\'m on the verge of going insane.
    Before I do, I hope some of you might be able to help me.

    I have a brand new computer with a P3-600 128Mb RAM, Asus motherboard, dual hard drives, an SBLive
    and a M-audio Delta66 running windows 98 SE.
    Now I had no problem installing windows. When windows looked for plug-n-play devices, it registered both sound cards without any problem. HOWEVER, when I reboot, I got a blue screen saying that an error occured in the virtual device file that belong to SBlive. I think the file name is emu10k1.vxd.
    The blue screen doesn\'t appear just on startup but once in a while too so it\'s extremely annoying. Also, when I run Gigasampler with a sequencer, the computer says I have not enough memory.

    I suspect that the SB16 emulation mode is causing the problem but I don\'t know what to do to remove this. I tried disabling it in Windows but when I reboot, this oh-so-famous plug-n-play stuff installs it for me again. I tried turning off the plug-n-play in BIOS but of no avail.

    I of course tried taking out the SBlive and
    I could get Gigasampler working with the sequencer. But Delta66 has no midi so this is no good.

    I wonder what you SBlive users out there did to make it work for you? What kind of settings did you make? What kind of drivers do I need?

    I know the ultimate solution is to junk the SBlive and get a MIDI device but I have already spent too much on the computer already and I don\'t know if I get a MIDi device, it will work for sure. Please, you kind souls out there, give me some help. Thanks a million.

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    Re: SBlive is driving me crazy. Please help!

    a few questions:

    which version of gigasampler are you using?

    which drivers for the sound cards?

    do you have a pci modem installed? perhaps a us. robotics?

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    Re: SBlive is driving me crazy. Please help!

    It sounds like your drivers for the SB are not installed correctly.
    Make sure you are using the very latest drivers for the SBlive. You don\'t need the big liveware installation, just the driver.
    Try removing the sblive by uninstalling it from the System applet in Control Panel. Then reboot and try installing it\'s drivers again. If that does not fix it, try taking the SBlive out of the slot that it is in, and using another free PCI slot in the pc.

    If that doesnt work, try removing it entirely and see if you can get all your audio software to work OK, if it does you may have a faulty SBlive.


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    Re: SBlive is driving me crazy. Please help!


    To disable your Sb live SB16 Emulation,go in Control Panel/System/Devices Manager/Creative Miscelanous devices/SB 16 Emulation. Double click on it and disable it (don\'t suppress it or windows will look for drivers after reboot). The latest drivers are indeed needed (and DirectX7 as well).
    Hope this helps.


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    Re: SBlive is driving me crazy. Please help!

    I\'m running GS 1.6.

    I have to check which drivers I have for my soundcard.

    I have no modem, printer, scanner installed. Basically it has only the two sound cards and nothing else. I forgot to mention that I have a HP CD-writer.

    [This message has been edited by Kevin Cheung (edited 04-13-2000).]

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    Re: SBlive is driving me crazy. Please help!

    A big \"thank you\" to those who helped.
    I downloaded the new drivers and everything
    is working now. It turned out that the old drivers on the CD that came with the card had a bug with Pentium III running at 600Mhz or
    more (this is documented in the release notes of the new drivers.) Anyway, I\'ve gained back my sanity and will try to edit the gigapiano to make it sound good.

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