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Topic: Another Shawshank demo posted

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    Another Shawshank demo posted

    For anyone interested, here is the 30 second string intro to \"Rock Hammer\" from The Shawshank Redemption using Ultimate Strings and Miroslav Celli:

    Hope you enjoy

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    Re: Another Shawshank demo posted

    Can I get anybodies opinion on how they think these strings sound?

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    Re: Another Shawshank demo posted

    Hi there Damon. I think they sound pretty good, except the horrible loop (on the G i believe) from Ultimate Strings Why not try using Miroslav there instead? IMO Ultimate Strings forte is the marcato patches. I don\'t really care for the sustains. You could add a lowpass filter for some even more realistic sounding attacks and releases. Try it and post a new example if you have time. I\'d be interested to hear how the idea adapts to Ultimate Strings (having only tried it on Kirk Hunter and Miroslav)


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    Re: Another Shawshank demo posted

    I am doing some programming on my Ultimate String programs. I have the AKAI version, converted to GS. I found out that nearly all attacks and other envelop stuff is not recorded but programmed with the EG parameters.

    Furthermore the liner notes talk about the European patches being slightly detuned for ... (whatever purpose). Which i think is bull****, individual notes are just randomly detuned by the developer. If you correct all this, the library actually becomes a little bit more useful (and/or a good complement for AO).

    Then, a number of patches are detuned 200 percent... If you correct this, the sound quality goes up. Doesn\'t hurt either to restrict the ranges to the std playable instrument ranges. Etc etc.

    Actually a nice intro into the GS Editor!

    There are however also a number of really bad patches, e.g. with strange stereo placement.

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    Re: Another Shawshank demo posted

    Wow, you\'ve got quite an ear Thomas! I didn\'t and still can\'t find that loop point you\'re talking about although I have heard terrible loop points on some of the patches in Ultimate Strings. I\'ll try GOS next or Miroslav. I just liked the attacks on the Ultimate Strings for slow pieces. I think the piece will sound nice when GOS has the looped grand detaches.

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