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Topic: How to set pitch bend range?

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    How to set pitch bend range?

    I know how to set it in the wizard, but I don\'t see how else I can edit it, is it hidden somewhere in case properties and I\'m just missing it? I guess I should see if I can set it with the wizard without destroying work already done in a patch...

    thanks for any help!

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    Re: How to set pitch bend range?

    Here\'s the easiest way, I blv:
    on the left side of the instrument editor should be a white field with your wave folders, above it should be the field with the one or more sub-instruments within your instrument. (If this upper field is not visible, go to the top of the wave field and drag down the divider.) Select one of the sub-instruments (or the only one) indicated with the trumpet icons. Then right click, go into properties and you can reset the pitch-bend there.


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    Re: How to set pitch bend range?

    Right, thanks! I guess it\'s a patch property, not a case property...


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