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Topic: Une Cantate de NoŽl - Arthur Honegger

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    Une Cantate de NoŽl - Arthur Honegger

    If you want to be in christmas spirit and listen to a great piece of classical music try to get the CD \"Une Cantate de NoŽl\" - Arthur Honegger (1892-1955)



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    Re: Une Cantate de NoŽl - Arthur Honegger

    THAT is the FUNNIEST thing.
    I just listened to that on an old cassette recording! I\'ve looked and looked and looked, but I just CAN\'T find it! the ending is simply incredible! outstanding! amazing! Brilliant!! hmm I\'m running out of positive words

    Well anyway, where did you find your cd? My tape is really wearing out! (Oh and where did you hear about it? It\'s fairly unknown!)


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    Re: Une Cantate de NoŽl - Arthur Honegger

    Hi Thomas,

    I learned about the CD from a girlfreind I had 10 years ago. her mother was a royal opera solo singer in Denmark and she know a lot about great classical pieces. This work was a christmas tradition in their home and I adopted it right away.

    First a bought a vinyl record with this on side A and Francis Poelenc: \"Stabat Mater\", which is just as beautyfull - you must get this CD too.

    You probably have to look a bit to get these CD\'s as they are a bit \"rare\".

    If you don\'t know Poelenc - you will be surprised. Stabat Mater is a oratorium - almost opera. I have a version with Boston S.O. - Seiji Ozawa and with Kathleen Battle on vocal. (Deutche Grammaphon)

    It is amazing - listen to this vocal and the Brass sound is so bright and crisp...

    I wish you luck!


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    Re: Une Cantate de NoŽl - Arthur Honegger

    Thank you Thomas! I have \"stabat mater\". It\'s very pretty! I\'m very anxious to get a good recording of honegger\'s cantata though. Could you point me in any direction?


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    Re: Une Cantate de NoŽl - Arthur Honegger

    Here are couple of recording references (I found two others, but they look too rare):

    Symphonies No. 2 and No. 4
    Une Cantate de NoŽl
    Orchestre de la Suisse Romande
    Ernest Ansermet, Director
    DECCA ADRM 430 350-2

    Honegger and Poulenc:
    Une cantate de NoŽl
    Mass in G
    Quatre motets pour le temps de NoŽl
    English Chamber Orchestra
    Winchester Cathedral Choir
    Waynflete Singers
    Various soloists
    EMI Eminence CDEMX2275

    You might be able to purchase the latter directly from the folks listed at http://www.hants.gov.uk/waynflete/recordings.html.

    Good luck!


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    Re: Une Cantate de NoŽl - Arthur Honegger

    Here\'s another recording featuring the cantata:


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    Re: Une Cantate de NoŽl - Arthur Honegger

    Thanks a lot Pat! I really appreciate it!
    Lets hope it arrives before christmas (Although I very much doubt it will)


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