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Topic: Orchestral Samples

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    Orchestral Samples

    I own Miroslav\'s full set of samples, but find it lacking. I am about to put together a Giga Studio system and want to buy some new samples (strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion. I am thinking about getting the Garritan strings, and Dan Dean winds and brass? What do you recommend?

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    Re: Orchestral Samples


    you may want to do a search in the forum archives for this sort of stuff.

    Its been debated over and over and over...and will be over and over and over

    Its been my experience taht one can get greeat sounds out of any of the libraries, it jsut takes a lot of mixing and EQ/tweaking

    I personally think that Garritan Orch strings is the mother of all string libraies, but Ultimate strings is very good for aggressive short bows. AO has some nice warm \"synth like\" strings. Dnt own Kirk Hunter, but Thomas J has shown some VERY impresive stuff with them and the prosonous library.

    Quantum leap brass has some REALLY nice staccattos and sustains are pretty god. Dan Dean brass has great FF and FFF samples. AO is always great for layering (IMO) in this area.

    Woods, Miroslav seems to be the favorite, but DD has some nice sounds, but no control of expressiveness in the sustains (m only gripe..but its a big one)

    Percusion, .... any of the DS Soundware/Christian/Lane percusion libraries. Some people have different views on these, but most agree that they are either the best, or the best with some programming. (I dont own any, but plan to purchase the new london percusion soon)

    anyhow. I thin that about covers it, now its up to personal tastes

    If you can, buy them all . Mixing and matching and or finding one that suits a particular pieces needs is probably the best way to go

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Orchestral Samples

    Thanks for the info..seems like Garritan is definately the way to go. How is it for strong bright Scherzo-like strings? I own the Quantum Leap Brass and like it for some stuff. Seems like I may be better off with that and Mirolslavs Winds and Brass than Dan Deans,. What do you think.

    Is Garritan going to release a library of winds and brass?

    Also which of the percussion libraries is considedrd the best...I have problems with the Miroslav.


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