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Topic: Hans Zimmer Private Samples

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    Hans Zimmer Private Samples

    \"The toms are from Hans Zimmers private samples\" ... any one know more about his private samples ?

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    Re: Hans Zimmer Private Samples

    I know he has lots of them. Including his own complete sampled symphony orchestra (London Symphony?).

    None of it commercially available, except ofcourse for the Hans Zimmer guitar vol. 1 & 2 from Spectrasonics.

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    Re: Hans Zimmer Private Samples

    Anyone knows what are his samples ?

    Symphony of Voice ? Quantum Leap Brass ? ...

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    Re: Hans Zimmer Private Samples

    Zimmer has his own samples of the London Symphony Orchestra and they will not be released to the public. Check out \"The Gladiator Waltz\" if you want to hear them from the \"More Music from Gladiator\" soundtrack.
    Those loud brass samples he has are fantastic.

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