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Topic: .cda files-how to transfer

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    .cda files-how to transfer

    I have the old \"McGill University Master Samples\" set I bought years ago for my AkaiS900. THey are all in a .cda format.

    Anybody know how to import? DO Ineed CDXtract or Translator or is there something public domain or freeware?


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    Re: .cda files-how to transfer

    If they are Audio CD format, you need to get them transfered to WAV then, if there are more than one sample per track, edit the Waves, then create a gig instrument with the wave files.

    You can try wave Knife. I\'m not sure, but it might extract CD audio, but it has some nice autospliting features.

    i personally use Wavelab for all that stuff.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: .cda files-how to transfer

    Thanks, King,

    That\'s what I didn\'t remember (senior moment!)

    The cda files are 1K in size. When I tried to dbl-click to play, WinMedia program froze up. Deleted 7.1 and my older version brought them right up. I used WinDAC and started the conversion.


    What I have is (for example) a bassoon. 25 single samples, chromatic, all on the same track with space between.

    a: Is there anything in Giga Editor that will sort these out, or

    b: Will either CDXtract or Translator do it, or

    c: Do I need to go to my sample editor and save individually? and

    d: What\'s Wave Knife-not familiar...



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    Re: .cda files-how to transfer


    a. No, BUT when they are split to up to individual files, GSEDIT will be able to assign them to individual keys within its \"wizard\" function.

    b. I dont think so, but I believe it will do the above as well

    c. Yes, or you can go here: http://www.soundtrackers.de/

    and get some tools that might help

    d. the above link has some info on waveknife, it will split the files automatically

    The thing is, once they are split, since they are sustaining instrument samples you\'re probably going to want to build loops. Again this can be done in your sample editor to mark the loop points or build crossfades, or you can use an above tool.

    enjoy the fun of sample editing

    wait till you get into sound design aspects thats where the time really getslost in what I call \"fun\"

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: .cda files-how to transfer


    Thanks. I have lots of experience with sample editing and looping, having been one of the first purchasers of Sound Designer for the Akai S900 (in fact, that\'s the reason I\'m not a ProTools user today, I felt really abused by their failure to meet their upgrade promises-$700 for the editor, and then I was told they decided to abandon that version for the newer system, \"You\'ll need to buy a sound card for $2000, and the upgrade for $1500-oh yeah, your computer won\'t run this card, you\'ll need a new Mac, too!\"

    I was acquainted with the CEO at the time, Peter Gotcher, so I call him. Told him, \"Peter Gotcher, you got me-but NEVER again!\"

    And to this day, I won\'t buy Digidesign-and as far as I\'ve seen from the trades, ProTools continues their casual disregard of their user base. \'If you ain\'t Sony or A&M, we don\'t need to talk to you!\'

    But I\'ve spent many hours looping and cross-fade looping samples (in fact, many were from this VERY set!)

    But you\'re right again-designing gig sets with these will be a real learning experience-hope the wizard is feeling frisky!

    Just checked the site real quick-looks like it has exactly what I need. Thanks again.


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