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Topic: Halion vs. Giga

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    Halion vs. Giga

    I heard that Steinberg\'s new Halion sampler (vst instrument) is just like giga except runs on both a Mac and a PC. I run a mac protools/ logic sustem and would rather add a new dedicated mac sampler than a pc one.

    Can you think of any reason why Halion is not the way to go?

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    Re: Halion vs. Giga

    I believe there is not a \"standalone\" version of Halion available. It needs a VST compatible program to host it. Giga needs less RAM. PC\'s are way cheaper than MAC\'s and usually have a better polyphony/processor usage ratio in my experience. I run a dedicated Gigastudio PC and a Mac with Logic as my main DAW and its a dream come true.

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    Re: Halion vs. Giga

    I would fully research the available Halion usergroups, forums, etc. I scan those groups once in a while and it still seems Halion is far from being the robust app that Gigastudio is. But, I have to admit Halion is looking better and better every month. Obviously they will put out a stand alone version in the future to compete with Gigastudio.

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    Re: Halion vs. Giga

    I have both on PC. Halion is far more taxing on my system, giving less real usable voices(about 20% of Giga)and far fewer loaded samples. I have read that the Mac version is not as good as the PC Halion, so I save my Mac for Absynth.

    I can load about 6X as many playable samples on my GigaStudio, and the voice allocation is much better.

    If you do serious work with large multisamples, Giga is much better. If you only need smaller instruments and you sequence with cubase, then Halion may still be worth having, although I also use Giga with cubase on the same PC just fine.

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    Re: Halion vs. Giga

    With Halion , I get latency.
    With Giga, I have no latency.

    So way to go Giga!


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