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Topic: Filter Sweep Controller in CWPA9

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    Filter Sweep Controller in CWPA9

    Which controller in cakewalk 9 should i apply for the filter sweep? And do have to do anything in Gigasample to achieve that? Thanks!!

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    Re: Filter Sweep Controller in CWPA9

    There\'s nothing generic for this, but individual programs can assign filter cutoff to an arbitrary controller, or if you wanted, you could have the filter envelope modulate the filter, and you could have a generic controller pick a dimension that picks the settings for the filter envelope.

    You gotta learn your way around the editor to make this work, but it\'s actually pretty easy if you get the GS concepts.

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    Re: Filter Sweep Controller in CWPA9

    Thanks Sam,i have tried assigning to \'General Purpose\' controller numbers (13-19)both in the Case Property and LFO tabs, and i also set the controllers in CWPA9 to the assigned comntrollers, BUT still nothing happens, what i want to do is, now that i have a vocal sample in .gig file,and i want the vox sorta like sweep in, like any generic club song would sound
    Anymore advice for me?

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    Re: Filter Sweep Controller in CWPA9

    Are you sure you were editing the case you were playing back? If you\'re really trying to adjust something patch wide, I usually first select all they key ranges, and then lock down all the dimensions (dunno how to describe this, it\'s the button that goes from 1 to 2 to 6 squares red), then your changes will be applied to all cases, otherwise it\'s too easy to edit one case out of hundreds, and you might never hear the edit.

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