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Topic: Strings NOT for classical!!!

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    Strings NOT for classical!!!

    Howdy all,
    Could someone recommend a string library that would be suitable for intimate string passages in 60\'s 70\'s esque pop rock music ala...nick drake, the beatles, etc...I have little experience with orchestral libraries so im kinda clueless...i mean...obviouly i am aware of the Garritan string collection which seems to be at the top of everyone\'s list...but i am looking at only needing like a quartet type loose rough sound...doesn\'t need to be absolutely pristine...any help would be immensely appreciated.


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    Re: Strings NOT for classical!!!

    Worra has some free gigs you can download off of his site of Mellotron strings and flutes (like the \"Strawberry Fields\" sound). www.worrasplace.com

    Also, Sonic Implants has mellotron strings as well. www.sonicimplants.com

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    Re: Strings NOT for classical!!!

    Thanks for the info Damon...i trying to find strings that are a bit more expressive than the mellotron MKV set...even though I absolutely adore them!!! But I need something that is a bit more realistic...but very very intimate sounding..i\'ll try to get an mp3 up demonstrating the sound im trying to get


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    Re: Strings NOT for classical!!!

    Dan Dean\'s solo strings are wonderful (violin, viola, cello), you can make a pretty good little ensemble with these (if you mean \'Elenor Rigby\' by the Beatles, rather than a string \'backdrop\' sound).

    They are not expensive at all for what you get. It\'s not an orchestra - it\'s for intimate stuff, but they are not rough (although I\'m not sure what you mean by \'rough\'), they do have a lot of bite though (with the upgrades from his site) and are hyper-realistic.

    You might also try the Xsamples set on three CDs - more expensive but the demos sound very good.

    Dean\'s strings can be had for around $100, Xsamples are around $130-$150 per CD (times three for the lot).

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    Re: Strings NOT for classical!!!

    I would also recommend Dan Deans Solo Strings and if you wanted a rougher sound, you could add some type of plug-in to make them sound more lo-fi or gritty if that\'s what you\'re looking for.
    Dans strings are very well recorded and super clean, but if you wanted to tweak them out and make them sound like an older record or something, there\'s always plug-ins.
    There is also an audio/wav CD available at soundsonline.com called \"That Love and Pop String Thing\" that has the sound you\'re looking for I believe, but it\'s only loops.
    I think adding plug-ins with Dans strings would be the best bet for what you\'re looking for.

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    Re: Strings NOT for classical!!!

    Thanks again for the info..I will definately look into your suggestions...as for the Love & Pop String Thing, I currently own it...and that is EXACTLY the sound I am going for!!!! With that in mind would, would you still recommend DD Strings???

    Thanks again,

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    Re: Strings NOT for classical!!!

    Yes, but like I said if you\'re going to \"dirty \'em up\", you\'ll need some kind of plug-in or a low-pass filter maybe to do so. Dans strings are very clean sounding.

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