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Topic: Electric violin suggestions?

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    Electric violin suggestions?

    One of my favorite unique jazz sounds is the electric violin. Any recommendations which sample lib is best for this? NOTE: Not looking for Stuff Smith, Hot Jazz sound-want that lean, Ponty/Urbaniak/Coltrane-like tone.

    I imagine violin through ReValver or Pod, etc.

    (and yeah I know Coltrane didn\'t play violin, but I saw him once in a club in Boston and the ancient Bogen PA was distorting so bad, the horn sounded like a violin!


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    Re: Electric violin suggestions?

    Juist to bring this back up-how about solo violin or viola with no vibrato? I understand XSamples does this, any others?


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    Re: Electric violin suggestions?

    Lee, that\'s probably a great idea-I tend to stay in the digital realm, but that\'s a time-honored technique for fattening the sound up.

    What I\'m looking for are recommandations for which solo string library is most suitable for a contemporary jazz sound. Most string samples are very classical in nature, with that wide classical vibrato and attack that\'s quite different from the way someone like Jean-Luc Ponty or Michael Urbaniak approach the instrument.

    With the nature of the sample library licensing as it is today, if I buy a sample set and it\'s totally unsuitable for my needs, I can\'t legally re-sell it (and they certainly won\'t take it back!) so I need suggestions.

    What I want is a dry set, no vibrato but lots of character.


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