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Topic: dan dean solo strings

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    dan dean solo strings

    Has anyone got any demos using the dan dean strings ?? Would be interested to hear what an expressive slow legato line sounds like? particularly a nice warm cello...



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    Re: dan dean solo strings


    I wrote a simple string quartet piece a few months back. It was performed a few times by actual players but after writing the score I decided to sequence it anyhow for use as rehearsal guide, and I used the Dan Dean Solo Strings exclusively. I tried a bunch of other solo string libraries before settling on the DDSS, and none of them came close in terms of expressiveness and playability.

    All I did was play in each part directly from the score into Cubase, with no metronome or tempo tracks, and I did very little editing afterwards. Then I fed the four tracks into a the Cakewalk FX3 reverb to place each player in 3D (a very subtle effect) and finally piped the stereo result into my PCM91 with a small hall reverb.

    The players really loved it, and it was a great starting point at the rehearsals. While I am sure that it could be made to sound a lot more realistic than I bothered to, the musicality and expressiveness of the samples really comes through, and the mockup succeeded in communicating to the players my intentions for phrasing, tempo and \"mood.\"

    Anyhow, the piece is mostly the \"expressive slow legato\" playing that you would like to hear, so you might want to listen to it. I have an mp3 version of it which is 8.5Mb in size (the piece is a little over 7 min. long). I don\'t really have a place to upload it at the moment, but I could email it to you if your ISP allows you to receive files that large (some do, most don\'t..). Otherwise, if anyone has a suggestion for a place to make the file public, I would be glad to upload it somewhere..



    Andrea G. Pessino (not female, just Italian)
    Blizzard Entertainment


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    Re: dan dean solo strings

    Can not wait for Garritan Solo Strings!!

    Can you imagine? WOW!

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    Re: dan dean solo strings


    I have several sites where I can host this file for a couple of weeks.

    If you e-mail it to me personally at \"peter . roos @ deltaworks . nl\" (without the spaces) I will handle it.

    Might take a day, as I am shutting down my system in a few minutes (it\'s evening in Holland).


    peter e. roos
    personal site www.xs4all.nl/~deltaw
    company site www.deltaworks.com

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    Re: dan dean solo strings

    Peter, thank you so much! The file is on its way to you..


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    Re: dan dean solo strings

    Well, the mail bounced.

    Unfortunately it does not look like I can send you the file by e-mail, Peter. The transcript says that your e-mail account is with Yahoo, and they have a very low limit on file transfers.

    Surprisingly enough, I have sent gigantic files to AOL users, and they were always received without problem. I guess AOL sucks, but has its advantages..

    Any other ideas?


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    Re: dan dean solo strings

    Thanks Andrea,

    It SEEMS to have went wrong, but I received your file OK and it is now posted for all at:

    The file itself can be played or downloaded directly from:

    I run a mail server in my home-office, so there are no problems with larger mails. BUT I had my account forwarded to my Yahoo account, in case I\'m working outdoors. This one choked and sent the warning to you... Sorry.

    I hope the file is well accessible. I will keep it here until end January \'02.


    peter e. roos
    personal site www.xs4all.nl/~deltaw
    company site www.deltaworks.com

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    Re: dan dean solo strings

    Really nice piece! Very sweet and tender. How did you go about sequencing that? Did you have it written out first or did you just play each part on the fly?
    Good job

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    Re: dan dean solo strings

    Hey thanks Andrea !!

    Wonderfully evocative piece, very tender. Still not sure if I am totally sold on dan deans strings though, still waiting for someone to really treat them with the 5CD+ set that they need.

    Impressed by your work however, would love to hear some more (do you have that recording with the real quartet ?)


    Martin Amis

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    Re: dan dean solo strings

    Dans strings are only 1 CD not 5+ and priced extremely reasonable at that ! ($149.00)
    The sound quality of the library is first class. One of the best sounding libraries I own. He has also updated the CD on his site with free art. files to download with alot more variations.
    There is also Xsample solo sustained strings, but they have no vibrato sampled and in order to have the quartet you must buy 2 CDs ($300.00). They have no stacatto samples either. You must buy the other solo strings CD they have for that ($149.00).
    You can also wait for Garritan Solo Strings. I don\'t know when they will be available though.

    [This message has been edited by Damon (edited 12-20-2001).]

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