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Topic: gigastudio for the mac?!! Possibly....

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    gigastudio for the mac?!! Possibly....

    Just read this on Bitheadz\'s website, makers of Unity. Their upcoming version 3.0 will add a host of new features, and most importantly for us mac folk, this:

    \'Will offer support for the GigaSampler file format!
    Coupled with its \"Play from Disk\" feature, all of you Mac-based Giga users who resigned yourself to a PC can now return to your Mac and bring your GigaSampler formatted samples with you.\'

    Ofcourse the real test is whether it can playback something like GOS, and whether it will support the full range of gig features (unlike Halion) but for now, this is very exciting news.
    It apparently will also run under MacOs X,
    which with it\'s professional quality low latency audio api should give a great performance!

    pretty exciting!



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    Re: gigastudio for the mac?!! Possibly....

    If only I could throw this Windows crap away... (every macuser wants this!)
    Hope this Bitheadz version will work fine on my good G4s...

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    Re: gigastudio for the mac?!! Possibly....

    I\'ve used the Mac since 1986 and now run Pro Tools on it and only use the PC for Giga.

    But I like having the PC run Giga. I like be able to run both Macs and PCs and my PC hasn\'t bombed once...knock on wood...since I got it about 5 months ago. A lot more stable than my beloved Mac so far.

    Being conversant on both platforms gives me a good feeling. I avoided the PC for years but now that I\'m \"forced\" to use it to run Giga I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to get up and running. It\'s no big deal. They are just tools.

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    Re: gigastudio for the mac?!! Possibly....

    Giga works very well under windows 2000. \'98 was giving the PC a bad name.

    Hurry and get 2k, then download the latest service pack, then install gigastudio. Your life will be easier.

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    Re: gigastudio for the mac?!! Possibly....

    Actually I think the majority of stable Giga installations are built around Windows 98 2nd Edition. Very stable for me as well.

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