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Topic: My latest sketches. Video is coming along.

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    My latest sketches. Video is coming along.

    I finnally put some mp3 demos on my website.
    Check them out when you get a chance. www.davidgovett.com

    The video tutorial is coming along. I should be able to show it off at the NAMM show.
    Gotta run

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    Re: My latest sketches. Video is coming along.

    Great stuff Dave,

    I remember a few of those from back a year or so ago...or more

    I love Silvestri That contact score is one of my all time favorites, so that virtualAS, i lik-ed.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: My latest sketches. Video is coming along.

    Hi Dave,

    Great stuff, as usual!

    What strikes me is the quality of the MP3\'s, since they\'re only in 128. Can you tell a little about the processing path from Giga to the final MP3 version?


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    Re: My latest sketches. Video is coming along.

    Excellent! Really stunning.

    Dave you are a champ!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    PS. Excatly HOW LONG is your hair now?


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    Re: My latest sketches. Video is coming along.

    Inspiring stuff Dave, just the kind of thing that makes me want to work on a day off.

    Any chance of a library breakdown

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    Re: My latest sketches. Video is coming along.

    Glad you liked the music.
    I was quite shocked by the mp3 quality also. All I did was take the master wave files and use CD-Ex to convert to mp3. It seems to be one of the best programs for that. The mixdown was real simple, just running a couple Giga systems through a Mackie to a Dat machine, then digitizing that back to the computer to create the wave files. Kind of an old fashion signal path these days and all using analog connections. That may be a key to getting some warm sounds. Mixing is not my specialty so I just let the sounds do most of the work. All I do is adjust pan and volume and add some reverb and crank the bass on the timpani, bass drum and basses. I use various Miroslav and Advanced Orchestra, Dan Dean and QL Brass, Dan Dean woodwinds, Ultimate Perc & Timpani and a few riffs from various other libraries. These were all done before getting the Garriton Strings so future projects should sound even better string wise. As to my hair, it is half way down my back at this point. This must be a backlash from having a 6 year Marine Corp hair cut.
    Thanks for the kind words.

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    Re: My latest sketches. Video is coming along.

    David Govett: Sorry for a bit offtopic, but even after listening tons of GStudio demos by various composers, one of the musics which I most admire is your soundtrack for the PC game Shannara, which you\'ve made together with Fatman (G.A.Sanger) and K.W.Phelan (if I remember the names properly). Some of the game\'s themes are most amazing musical themes I ever heard. I\'d like to ask if you could give any particular info about the soundrack? For example which synths or sample libraries did you use when composing them? Are there some \"studio\" wav or mp3 versions, or only pure MIDI (XMI) format used in the game(w. General MIDI instr. set)? Which synth or sample libraries are \"ideal\" for reproducing the soundtrack? I found it best sounding with old E-mu Sound Engine module (much much better than with Sound Canvas, Yamaha XG modules or SB64/Live Banks for example). Who have composed the astouding Shella\'s theme (3 great variations)? It\'s just absolutely gorgeous piece of music and sounds perfectly and rich even on the old E-mu module. Or the one ghostly theme from crypts, where with vibrating choir, harp, timpani and tremolo strings such amazing mysterious and emotional effect is reached.. more impressive than a lot of compositions with expensive sample library used. Just the whole Shannara soundtrack is superb, almost every tune is dissimilar, unusuall and ravishing compostition. So if you could say anything about the soundtrack.. composing, inspiration, studio gear.. or just anything.. I\'d be grateful. Thanks.

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    Re: My latest sketches. Video is coming along.

    Wow, what touching complements. Glad you liked the Shannara stuff. I\'m not sure how it was released but all I did was write General MIDI songs for it and it should only depend on the module or sound card as far as how it plays back. I used a sound canvas by the way for all that stuff. I can\'t remember who composed what on that project but all the melodic and sappy pretty stuff was mine, including the tunes you refer too. It was quite a rush job believe it or not. Sometimes that makes for good music though.
    Right now I\'m working out the chords for a sad song my mother wrote ( Called \"You Were Meant to Love Again) and also replicating some of Alan Sylvestri\'s music from Father of the Bride to possibly show off at NAMM. That music brings tears to the eyes so I want to see if I can make have the same emotional impact with sample libraries.
    I put together some great montages of family home movies using that sound track and it was quite powerfull and tearfull. A very special Christmas indeed.
    Thanks for the kind feedback. I\'ll post more when I get a chance.
    Take care
    P.S. for more game listening, we also did music for 7th Guest\\11th hour, All the us navy fighter series, Wing Comander I, Loom,Seal Team and many others. Go to www.fatman.com to see a complete list.

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    Re: My latest sketches. Video is coming along.

    Hi Dave:

    Thanks for your technical help over the years. Some of these pieces I\'ve heard perhaps a year or two ago -- but I did not realize you were the composer behind them. Now I see that when I was asking for Giga help, I should have been asking for compositional advise. Well done.


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    Re: My latest sketches. Video is coming along.

    David: Thanks for the reply! I\'m especially impressed by THIS tune (and its sad variations), it\'s really amazing and so emotional. Yes, I remeber the old Wing Commander game, the music was great, but there was only MT-32 versions I think and not GM, so it was unable to be played through some better modules.
    Btw. haven\'t you somewhere more samples of your original compositions (doesn\'t care if from games or new ones)?

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