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Topic: Sonic Implants Strat

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    Sonic Implants Strat


    You owe it to yourself to spend $19.95 and get that fender strat library from sonic implants. It sounds DAMN good. I can\'t believe they only charged 20 bucks! I just bought it last night and I\'m still drooling.

    It is EXTREMELY realistic and expressive. There are a few variations inside this gig like tremolo and wah-wah. I\'ll put an mp3 soon showing this thing off or just listen to the fenderstrat demo on their web page. when you punch the keys the guitar punches back then when you play soft it plays a beatiful lovely tone. Reminds me of jazz records.

    check it out guys.... I hope the keep it up with these downloaded gigs for $20. Most of us can afford that and you only buy what you need .

    Merry Xmas

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    Re: Sonic Implants Strat

    I downloaded it a few weeks ago and I love it, although I dont like the diatonic chord prgs. keyswitching would have been the better way to do it. anyway, it sounds great (both the chord+the solo). did anyone have the chance to compare this strat to the ql one?
    merry xmas,

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    Re: Sonic Implants Strat

    hold on..are you saying the Sonic Implants $20.00 strat sounds better than Nick Phoenix\'s $300.00 Strat? Or are you comparing it to the strat in his older QL Guitar And Bass library. Please confirm. Thanks.

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    Re: Sonic Implants Strat

    The Sonic Implants strat is definitely worth having for the price especially the mutes and that funky *** wah sound.
    The tone of the strat is nice as well.

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    Re: Sonic Implants Strat

    forget the chords... I\'m talking about the tone itself. A very convincing guitar. I tried the quantum leap guitar over a bass players house but sonic implants won me over. It\'s just plays soo good and expressive. I hardly have to do any midi editing to make it sound real.

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    Re: Sonic Implants Strat

    I haven\'t heard the new $300 Nick Phoenix library but I don\'t care what it sounds like because this $20 sample sounds extremely good and it\'s studio ready just load it and play. Every recording I\'ve done since I purchased it, people keep asking \"Damn, Who\'s playing the strat guitar?\" I keep telling them it\'s played in from a keyboard but they don\'t believe me. If you are into jazz/r&b , this guitar will fulfill most if not all of your needs.

    To answer you question, I compared it to the QL guitar and bass. The strat on that cd just did not cut it for me because I had to really do severe midi editing to make it sound real and I just couldn\'t \"feel\" that guitar. The sonic implants-- shoot you can have your 3 yr old play it and it will sound good of the bat (at least the tone will maybe not the notes )

    I\'d have to say this is one of the better recorded giga instruments with Larry Seyers\'s Upright bass leading the pack. I know you\'ve had to heard that monster. In other words you get \"Dan Dean-like\" quality for $20.

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    Re: Sonic Implants Strat

    Hi, i bought the Sonic Implants strat to test against my strat, and though i do have myself a guitar library, i have to be honest and reply in here. Is it good value for $20 ? you bet, it\'s a good value for 20 bucks. Dan Dean territory ? not in a million years... As good as QL\'56 Strat ? no way in hell ( and i can say this without even have played Nick\'s strat, just by comparing how his and mine sound and comparing it with the sonic implants strat.)

    I\'m not saying it\'s not good , in fact it\'s quite good, but no way does it sound as detailed as let\'s say QL\'56 Strat or other similarly multisampled guitars. And the only reason i posted this is because of the Dan Dean territory comment ... Not !

    But again it does sound very good, and for 20 bucks it\'s a good value.


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