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Topic: pop noise by playing sounds with giga 1.6

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    pop noise by playing sounds with giga 1.6

    My System: Athlon 800Mhz, 256MB Ram, Event Gina, CubaseVST24/3.75. When i play a sample sound with Giga 1.6, I always hear a pop noisy sound after 2seconds pressing the key. its like a distortion, but it´s only when i hold the key ...and after approx. 2 sec. you hear a noise ( like on an old vinyl-tape !). . I tried different settings, and Buffer configurations, but nothing happens. its very loud to hear when i play in cubase.
    it can´t be a soundcard problem, because i tested it with differnt ones. Can somebody help me with this ??

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    Re: pop noise by playing sounds with giga 1.6

    Go to:

    and follow the instructions for setting up a PC for GS. I\'ve updated the tip to include running a sequencer on the same machine as GS.

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