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Topic: "The Grand"

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    \"The Grand\"

    Ok guys, since I\'m a pianist I\'ll break the ice abut \"The Grand\" you been hearing so much about. It\'s a steinberg vst instrument that you can use in cubase or logic. It\'s about 1.5 gigs in sample size if I recall correctly.

    Getting to the point. I wanted to see if it could rival the Steinway B. I must say don\'t go off what you hear in that demo. That demo sucks and makes the piano sound cheesy. This piano is VERY VERY VERY good. You can control all kind of parameters like string resonances, hammer release, ambience, tuning, Lid open or close etc... and all other beels and whistles.

    The tone is extremely good. It sound just like you are playng the real thing. For some reason it sound like a yamaha piano which was sampled but I\'m not quite sure. The bass is outstanding for thse of you who like that punch on yur bass notes.

    This piano was extrememly well done and can definitely rival the gigapianos. HOWEVER for my taste, no piano is as lyrical as the Stienway B to this day.

    Nevertheless \"The Grand\" must be heard becuase it\'s an outstanding job done and really kicks some .

    Ok I\'ll put up an mp3 when I get some sleep. I\'ll make a better one than what is available.

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    Re: \"The Grand\"

    Not as good as the Steinway B ?
    Damn.... i was hoping it would be the showstopper i was waiting for, i guess it can
    be useful though , i really would like to hear a demo also, i can\'t wait to hear Bardstown Audio\'s Imperial Bosendorfer library that should be an interesting one

    I guess for now Steinway B is still king of the hill (Although GigaPiano is nice for POP).

    Vintaudio Productions www.vintaudio.com

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    Re: \"The Grand\"

    Franky wrote ...\"i really would like to hear a demo...\"

    Go to www.wizoo.com and click on The Grand from the main page, then click on \'More Info\' from the next page. This links you to a number of demos of The Grand. They also have a link to Purgatory Creek for you to compare mp3\'s of The Grand and other pianos.

    I think the Grand sounds really good; I especially like the sympathetic string harmonics when the pedal is held down. I think the Grand and Steinway B are very close in quality, but with different timbres.

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    Re: \"The Grand\"

    Steinway B might be fine for classical, but has much too much ambience for pop, and is dull to boot. I was very disappointed in it. I am back to using the William Coakley Steinway (only 16 meg sample!) that sounds more like a real Steinway miked for pop than anything I\'ve heard elsewhere. The Gigapiano was God awful. How can anyone who has played a real grand piano, of any kind, think this piano sounds good?

    I do think \"The Grand\" sounds pretty good in the mp3s, although at times there is a dullness about it...a \"thudiness\" for want of a better term that I\'ve heard in some other highly touted pianos. Still, it\'s in the right direction it seems...is this going to be available for Giga?

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