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Topic: Anyone here have the CDRom "Complete Gamelan"?

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    Anyone here have the CDRom \"Complete Gamelan\"?

    Just curious if anyone here has the \"Complete Gamelan\" CDRom from Ilio.
    If so, how is the sound quality? Are there western tunings available or is it all traditional tunings?

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    Re: Anyone here have the CDRom \"Complete Gamelan\"?

    Hi Damon!

    I\'ve just discovered this post - I\'m something of a newbie. So I don\'t know if you\'re still watching this thread, or if you\'re still bothered, but anyway...

    The library does contain both authentic and Western-chromatic tunings for all instruments. But I would treat it with a bit of suspicion. I do own it, and the instruments certainly sound like the real thing, but when you start to read the sleeve notes you realise that the developer actually doesn\'t know much about Gamelan. He claims to have had a Gamelan built for him in Java, in \'a special five-note-per-octave, Javanese tuning system called Pelog.\' Of course, in reality Pelog is a seven note tuning system, with Slendro being the five note system. There is a special case of Pelog, which has five notes per octave, in Bali, but the developer definitely says his instruments are Javanese. It could be that the five notes given are a single pathet of Pelog, but why do that if the instruments have all seven notes to an octave?

    The whole thing is very confusing. It\'s also missing a lot of the gongs which would be present in a truly \'complete\' Javanese Gamelan. I mean I\'m not saying the guy did this on his mum\'s frying pans, and tried to pass it off as real instruments, and the sounds are great, but if you want to make authentic Gamelan music you will find it quite frustrating.

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    Re: Anyone here have the CDRom \"Complete Gamelan\"?

    Haha! Thanks for the reply Pingu. At one time, I thought maybe some gamelan samples would be cool to have, but the problem is I know nothing about a gamelan orchestra. So I just kinda forgot about it.
    Anyways I appreciate all of the advice on the library, thanks.


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    Re: Anyone here have the CDRom \"Complete Gamelan\"?

    Well now you have Heart of Asia with loads of those samples!


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