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Topic: James Newton Howard Demo

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    James Newton Howard Demo

    Does anyone know where I can hear the MIDI demo that JNH did...before it got screwed up? I understand that the version up on the Keyboard forum that is there now has the real orchestral version \"superimposed\" on it....which accounts for how good I thought it sounded. Just wondered if anyone had downloaded the version that was just MIDI. Thanks!

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    Re: James Newton Howard Demo

    The mp3 is at http://archive.keyboardonline.com/index_old.htm. Go to archives and then when it gets to the keyboard website, go to \"Features\" on the left side and it will take you to another page. Then under \"H\" you will see the James Newton Howard-Master of midi Orchestration. Then just click on it. I think it is still messed up though

    I used to have the mock-up when it first came out and sounded great, but later something happened to the mp3 on the keyboardmag website and now there is all kinds of strange delay going on in it.

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    Re: James Newton Howard Demo

    Wow, someone\'s certainly screwed up that midi mp3!

    I remember being blown away by the midi mockup when it was first posted. What\'s there now seems completely whacky though...

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    Re: James Newton Howard Demo

    Yeah, it\'s like hearing it on LSD now!

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    Re: James Newton Howard Demo

    As a matter of fact I DO have the original Keyboards demo Find it at www.melomaniac.dk, go to MP3 section then GOS DEMOS.

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    Re: James Newton Howard Demo

    Thanks so much Simon. The demo is still fantastic, but now that I\'m hearing it without the \"help\" of the orchestrated version superimposed upon it I feel a little better! Still, his woodwinds and brass stuff sound awfully good!

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