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Topic: Gigastudio requirements

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    Gigastudio requirements

    At the studio I work at the main computer is running gigasampler 1.6 and logic audio 3.6. We have tried for ages but logic version 4.1.1 just hogs up to much of the system to work at the same time as giga, especially if you want to record audio. The computer is a 3 500 with 256 mb ram and uw scsi drives. When we get gigastudio it will require upto say an 800 or so to get all voices and fx going wont it? So would anyone recommend keeping this computer to run logic on and then getting a second computer for gigastudio . I think this is probably the best choice for maximum performance.

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    Re: Gigastudio requirements

    Yeah get a dedicated machine for the Giga. I own a GIGA-DAW from Soundchaser. Its a very cool pc in a rack mount system. Check it out:

    I look at Giga as a stand alone sampler. Running other stuff at the same time kills perfomance.

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