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Topic: Online payment methods?

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    Online payment methods?


    I would like to make a little survey:

    Which payment methods do you use/prefer?

    Visa, American Express, etc.?


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    Re: Online payment methods?

    I prefer credit card (visa or mastercard), but I\'d like to add that recently a couple of times my company\'s mastercard was refused for purchases in the US and UK, not because of problems with the card, but for \"international\" reasons, whatever that may mean. Maybe they can\'t verify the holder\'s name + address for foreign adresses...

    so, i just experienced one of the alternatives for a credit card payment: wire transfer from bank to bank. What a hassle!

    just my 0,02 euro



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    Re: Online payment methods?

    Visa, without a doubt.

    I\'ve done moneywires as well, which allthough troublesome, is reasonably fast.
    It costs extra though.

    I find stuff like paypal annoying since I have to sign up for it, and if I understand correctly, \'assign\' funds to paypal. A bit too cumbersome for single purchases...


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    Re: Online payment methods?

    I go with the Visa.

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    Re: Online payment methods?

    Visa or Mastercard

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    Re: Online payment methods?

    Visa. Not Amex, but for overseas, I\'d try and use a money order (never done this, so I don\'t know what\'s involved.)

    Another possible option-PayPal.


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    Re: Online payment methods?

    Visa...automatically extends your warranty...not great for libraries, but good to have with hardware purchases.

    Originally posted by SCARBEE:

    I would like to make a little survey:

    Which payment methods do you use/prefer?

    Visa, American Express, etc.?

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    Re: Online payment methods?

    Discover ... 2% cash back at the end of the year. I have my wife use it for gas/shopping/EVERYTHING. Got back $1700 last year ... BUT you HAVE to pay it off every month!!

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    Re: Online payment methods?

    You should know that adding Discover or Amex to your online store will be a bit of a hassle. You can get a gateway for processing credit card transactions (verification, authorization, all that) for Visa and MC, but the other two companies require that you do business directly with them. This means if you offer all four cards, you need to process cards three different ways.

    The merchant charge varies from card to card too. You may find it doesn\'t pay to support Amex and Discover. With that in mind, you need to remember that Visa is the leader in market share ... for you, that means that most of your customers would have it.

    Oh the joys of electronic commerce. And no, I don\'t work for a bank or CC company; I\'m just looking into e-comm for my enterprise.


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