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Topic: the best finger bass

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    the best finger bass

    For you, the best finger bass is ...

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    Re: the best finger bass

    .....a real bass!

    Scarbees basses sound pretty damn good to me.

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    Re: the best finger bass

    Nothing touches Scarbee\'s finger bass. The only thing better is a real player with a REALLY good bass.

    I think it\'s saying something when you get a session player in and can seriously compare the quality of his bass with the sound of your sampled bass.

    In the old days that kind of comparison was laughable, but Thomas uses such great basses for his source material, and has such a meticulous approach to the recording, that I find myself preferring the sampled bass tone, but needing the session player for his chops

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    Re: the best finger bass

    I agree Chadwick. Scarbees fingered bass demo sounds amazing. I think the thing is with me, is that I don\'t play bass so I don\'t think like a bass player. When I do play bass lines on the keyboard, they\'re usually pretty basic. I try to play bends and slides with the pitch bend, but they usually sound cheesy when I do them.
    I like the idea of having natural slides triggered from the velocity sensitivity on the keyboard like the samples on Hans Zimmers guitars 2 . I\'m curious if the Scarbee fingered has that option?
    Scarbee pulls it off great on his demos and when I decide to get a sampled bass it will be Scarbees fingered.
    I think it\'s just a matter of thinking what a bass player would do when doing it on keyboard.
    The great advantage I think to having sampled bass and drums is that the samples normally come compressed and EQ\'d, so that saves alot of time in having to mix and mike the real instruments and tweak them out .

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    Re: the best finger bass


    Unless you really have a need to emulate a bass player, isn\'t the real goal to play a kickin\' bass line?

    Much of the current culture of pop-oriented music, including R&B, funk, hip-hop and the big-budget crop of major selling artists use cheesy rhythm tracks as the basis for their \'sound\' (TR-808/the sound I hate/don\'t make me wait/get off my plate -et al)

    If drums don\'t need to sound like drums, or like they\'re played by drummers, why does the bass?

    (And if the answer is nothing more than \"\'Cause I WANT it like that!\" that\'s perfectly OK too)


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    Re: the best finger bass

    I think the thing is that I have a certain \"rhythmic/percussive\" style in my playing, so when I play a piano part, bass part, drum part, they all sort of sound like the same player doing all the parts.
    The ideal thing for me is to try and think differently and not so much like a keyboard player all the time.
    When a person hires a studio player to come in, they get the studio players vibe and musicality along with your stuff which changes it up some so it doesn\'t all sound like the same style.

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    Re: the best finger bass

    Hi Damon,

    Thanks for the kind words. Eventually (just need some more libraries out there to \"buy\" time for this...)I will create MIDI-files/construction kits with bass lines in different styles: funk, rock, pop etc. Also I will work hard to make future libraries more playable - but this part is not only up to me, but more likely GigaStudio.

    To take full atvantage of my libraries you need some \"skills\" - but this goes for any library or anything in this world.

    I hope I can help in the \"skill\" department soon and give you a good start.



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