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Topic: Giga stalls loading performance

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    Giga stalls loading performance

    Sometimes Giga will stall if I load a performance. This usually happens while loading the Steinway B. The HD activity light will stay on and I have to reboot. I have 259 Meg of RAM, ultra 66 ATA HD\'s on a Celeron 400 clocked to 500. Sound cards are SB Live and Layla.

    Thanks for any help.


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    Re: Giga stalls loading performance


    Do you have any other programs running at the same time? Is virtual memory turned off?


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    Re: Giga stalls loading performance

    There are no other programs running. I have virtual memory set to 300(min and max), asigned to a different HD. A new observation, when this happens and I reboot Giga has reassigned the outputs from Layla to SB Live.

    Thanks for the reply,


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    Re: Giga stalls loading performance

    try setting the SB as the default audio card in Windows multimedia settings. Then Click on devices tab, select Layla and check \"Do not map through this device\"

    I think windows is grabbing Layla, so you\'re getting a conflict. This way Windows will ignore Layla, but Giga can still use it.


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    Re: Giga stalls loading performance

    Thanks Boyd,

    I\'ll try that.

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