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Topic: CD convert for XP

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    CD convert for XP

    Hi All
    I managed to get Gigastudio working on Win XP with a DARLA 20. No problems so far (except that it wouldn\'t recognize my CD2, so it took me a little while to find the work-around for that)
    But S-convert wouldn\'t read my Akai Early Patches CD, and neither would the MAZ Virtual Sampler for VST, which had read it under Win98.
    So I\'m wondering if this is an XP issue or a problem with the conversion software.
    Is anyone else successfully reading Akai CDs under XP?

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    Re: CD convert for XP

    Some people have had a similar problem with Halion and XP. They have got around it by disabling the CD Rom drive in the Control Panel and then the drive can be read as Akai in Halion.
    It might be worht a try in Gigastudio.


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    Re: CD convert for XP

    I´ve had no problems so far with win XP.
    Do You use more than one CD/Dvd drive? Then You might try to read the CD from the other drive.
    That helped when Vsampler refused to import the Early Patches akai in one occasion (under win 98SE).

    best regards



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