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Topic: New Bigga Giggas release

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    New Bigga Giggas release

    Bigga Giggas releases Monster Matrix

    2 Full CDs of native Gigasample sounds. 27 Gig files, 101 Preset synth voices. The definitive library of classic Oberheim Matrix-12 voices. Leads, Pads, Basses; all are extremely long source samples to take full advantage of the Gigasampler\'s power. Sounds designed and recorded by SonicEmulations; Gig files tweaked and post-edited by Bigga Giggas. Add some Monster to your mix......a great secret weapon.

    Just $59 www.biggagiggas.com

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    Re: New Bigga Giggas release

    Are there demos posted yet? I used to love the Matrix, and could never find one I could afford.

    My only problem with synthsizer samples is that I\'m basically restricted to what the sampling house has decided is useful. With my own synth, I can program my own personal library.

    Then, $59 is a really great price-that\'s what I like about BiggaGiggas. I have the Clav and Rhodes CDs. Don\'t especially care for the Rhodes (well-produced, just not my favorite tone-but I heard the demo, and knew this going in!) The Clav more than makes up for it! (BTW. how about a Dyno-My\'ed Rhodes?)

    Keep up the great work!


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    Re: New Bigga Giggas release

    Can you post a demo of what a nice smooth analog pad sounds like on the CD?

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