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Topic: Corrupt East West Bosendorfer samples

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    Corrupt East West Bosendorfer samples

    I\'ve recently installed the East West Bosendorfer Grand and have noticed problems with a number of the samples. I was hearing some clicks & pops and initially thought I was having problems with memory or hard disk speed, but then realised the problems were always with particular samples. I\'ve been able to fix most of the problems by exporting to a wave editor and cutting out the small corrupted section of about 15 samples.

    I\'m wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem? I\'ve installed the Gigapiano, the Malmsjo Grand without problems, but had similar problems with a few of the EastWest Steinway samples.

    As I\'m using Gigasampler LE could the problem be that these libraries are now formatted for the Gigastudio platform and don\'t import properly into Gigasampler?

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    Re: Corrupt East West Bosendorfer samples

    I\'ve recently installed the Bosendorfer, using GigaStudio 160. Clicks & pops are so common using pedal sustain that it\'s unusable. Comparitively, I have never had a click/pop with any other instrument or combination. My vendor feels it\'s a defective CD, and is working on getting me a replacement. I hope that\'s the cure.

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    Re: Corrupt East West Bosendorfer samples

    Do the clicks and pops you\'re experiencing happen randomly or do they only occur with particular notes at particular strike velocities? With my problem it is definitely only particlar notes, some pedal up and some pedal down.

    I think there must be errors on the installation CDs.

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    Re: Corrupt East West Bosendorfer samples

    I\'ve been having the same problems with the Bosendorfer and GigaStudio 96. I\'m a new user of GigaStudio and the BOS sample was my first purchase after I bought GigaSampler 64 (upgraded GS64 to GST96).

    I first noticed the clicks & pops while playing a solo piano MIDI file through Sonar. It played perfectly using GigaPiano so when I played it using the BOS, I figured the problem was in my computer setup (I don\'t have a dedicated GS computer yet). The pops/clicks occurred in exactly the same place during playback using either GS64 or GST96.

    I also thought that the problem may be in the samples themselves but I don\'t know my way around GST96 well enough to work with a sample outside of just playing it. I purchased the Bosendorfer less than a month ago so maybe it\'s possible there was a problem with a batch of CD\'s when they were pressed.

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