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Topic: Bosendorfer Imperial Concert Grand Piano

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    Bosendorfer Imperial Concert Grand Piano

    I have some very good news to report. I was able to compress the 1.5 gigabyte Bosendorfer Imperial to a 563 megabyte \"self extracting\" Win RAR file, which very nicely fits onto one CD.

    This piano will be available for sale the first of the week from www.bardstownaudio.com
    I will also have some solo classical and solo jazz demos of the Bosendorfer on the Bardstown Audio web site, either tomorrow or Monday.

    I have been jostling around in my mind as to where to do velocity splits on the various velocity levels of the pedal up and pedal down samples on the Bosendorfer. Bear in mind that velocity splits can be very simply and quickly adjusted by various musicians and users of this piano in the Giga Editor, in order to suit their personal preferences. I can also include a \"readme\" file with this piano, explaining how to adjust velocities in the Giga Editor.

    Personally, I tend to play a piano a bit harder than many other piano musicians, especially piano musicians who are accustomed to playing sampled pianos on a midi keyboard controller. I happen to have a real 9 foot concert grand piano in the studio, so when I personally play piano, quiet often I sit down at the real concert grand piano, rather than loading in a sampled piano and playing it on a midi keyboard. Considering this, I tend to play a midi keyboard rather hard, which is a bit over-powering for most of the other sampled grand pianos that are available with their velocity-split settings \"out of the box.\" I can certainly make any of these other Giga sampled pianos on the market more playable for myself, by adjusting velocity settings for more powerful physical playing.

    The point I am getting to is that I personally find sampled pianos to be more playable for me, when there is more soft midi velocity room at the bottom of the 0 to 127 midi scale settings, in order to be able to play the softer velocities without having to play with an \"ultra light\" touch on the keyboard controller. When I play the louder sampled velocity notes, I really like to be able to land into the keyboard controller, with a fair amount of force. To me, this feels much more natural to play.

    The question I am getting to is this... realizing that most piano musicians instinctively play real pianos harder, much the same way as I do, and they play midi keyboard controllers for sampled pianos softer by contrast, in order to achieve an appropriate balance of velocities on sampled pianos; would most people prefer to have the Bosendorfer Imperial velocity settings for lighter playing action like most of the other sampled pianos on the market, or would most people prefer to have the Bosendorfer velocity settings for more of a natural playing action, which would allow for stronger physical playing on the keyboard controller?

    Bear in mind that with this piano, regardless of the velocity settings, along with any other Giga sampled instrument velocity settings, individual users can very easily adjust these velocities in the Giga Editor in order to suit their personal playing preferences.

    I am merely trying to discern how the majority of people would like to have the Bosendorfer Imperial initially setup on the disk right out of the CD case.

    I very much appreciate all of your thoughts and opinions on this.

    Many thanks,

    Bardstown Audio www.bardstownaudio.com

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    Re: Bosendorfer Imperial Concert Grand Piano

    I personally agree with your taste on the velocity settings.
    I have found that for softer passages on most sampled pianos , if you want to trigger the soft sample ,you have to be very careful because it jumps so fast to medium hard and hard, there is usually not enough of the 127 increment velocity range devoted to soft and medium soft.

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    Re: Bosendorfer Imperial Concert Grand Piano

    IMO you shouldn\'t get the FF samples with a pronounced hammer strike unless you really lean into it, and you should trust that your market has their controllers set up appropriately. At least for classical and jazz (places where a boesendorfer really sounds good) you shouldn\'t get thunder unless you really intended it, and it should be easy to get a good (and modulatable) legato voice.

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    Re: Bosendorfer Imperial Concert Grand Piano

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by john g:
    Monday Jan 7, 2002: Bos demo still not up and running? <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    The MP3 demos are ready, but my web master is out of town for a few days and I am unable to get them up onto the www.bardstownaudio.com web site. I was every bit as eager as you to have them up on my web site by today, but they should be up by Thursday or Friday at the latest.

    Bardstown Audio www.bardstownaudio.com

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    Re: Bosendorfer Imperial Concert Grand Piano

    Looking forward to hearing the demos.I am using East West Bosendorfer,for jazz playing. I guess you are biased, but are you happy with the final product, in comparison to other piano samples ?
    Oh, and has a price been determined?


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    Re: Bosendorfer Imperial Concert Grand Piano

    Monday Jan 7, 2002: Bos demo still not up and running?

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    Re: Bosendorfer Imperial Concert Grand Piano

    Hello Mal,

    My beta testers, along with myself, are extremely happy with the Bosendorfer Imperial. I am sure many other people will be extremely pleased as well.

    I will post the price when the MP3 demos are posted.

    Bardstown Audio www.bardstownaudio.com

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