Hi I would like to see a complete PC setup including the exact motherboard model, ram type, processor, atx case, cdrom, harddrives and videocard to make Gigasampler run without ANY problems (pops/clicks) along with cakewalk. Can someone supply their setup (including every detail on all the components?)

I am going to assemble my own pc for Gigastudio when it arrives, and I can figure out the processor and amount of ram + hdspace myself. All i need is reliable hardware that won\'t turn on me while I\'m working with gigasampler/gigastudio.
I\'m currently working on two P2-450\'s. Both with exactly the same hardware components, and computer nr.1 was making clicks/pops, while computer nr.2 wasn\'t. I found out that this was due to an incorrect format of the harddrive, but as I see it, I will probably have to live with it, since I can\'t afford to loose all my gigasampler files on the harddrive, just to make it pop/click-free.

Is there any way around this? I know I could back it up, but I don\'t want to buy a backup device just for this. Probably just as cheap just to get a new harddrive and transfer all the stuff from the old one to the new one and then format the old one, and transfer the new one to the old one again (Phew!).

Thanks for anyone who helps me out.