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Topic: Swing Drums... reccomendations?

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    Re: Swing Drums... reccomendations?

    Pure drums has a \"swing kit\"

    Its fairly clean sounding tho. No real room sound. Still it works, plus it has a variety of kits that you can \"steal\" sounds from . Especially varied are the different snare sounds and amount of velocity samples in the \"snare\" patches.

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    Re: Swing Drums... reccomendations?

    Try tuning the Premier snare up just a bit.
    It has somewhat of a vintage sound... with just a little bit of ring.

    Jim Roseberry www.studiocat.com

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    Swing Drums... reccomendations?

    In a few weeks I will start on a project sequencing swing tunes from the forties. I have Purrrfect Drums, but the snares seem innappropriate as-is for this project. Does anyone have suggestions for processing them, or can anyone suggest another library that might be more appropriate?

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    Re: Swing Drums... reccomendations?


    drums = vr Rock Drums on giga module
    all other instruments are also from vrsound.

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    Re: Swing Drums... reccomendations?

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Jim Roseberry:
    Try tuning the Premier snare up just a bit.
    It has somewhat of a vintage sound... with just a little bit of ring.

    Jim Roseberry www.studiocat.com

    Hi guys,

    I have another suggestion regarding using Purrrfect Drums for swing.

    You\'ll notice there are three sets of \"hits\" for each snare. Instead of using the sweet spot hits, try using the less defined \"off center\" hits, which have a little more overtone and a little more afterbuzz in the snares. That sound is a bit more characteristic for the genre. Swing players spend most of their time there, only hitting rimshots and the sweetspot on hardcore backbeats and to nail ensemble figures.

    Matter of fact, I have a swing kit mapped onto my controller which juxtaposes the off center hits with the rimshot hits, and I find this allows me to play great \"skipping\" swing parts, and still nail a good crack when I\'m setting up a brass hit or fill.

    As for the rest of the kit, you probably won\'t find better cymbals for swing, so you are in great shape there.

    So much of the success will hinge upon your controller, that all else really doesn\'t count. Unlike pop grooves that can be easily enough emulated on the keyboard, playing jazz grooves is all about the behavior of the drumstick. Not that one can\'t abstract that into a \"programmed\" part, but it\'s quite a contrived effort at that point. I always suggest getting some sort of drum pad controller, even if it\'s used just to put in the ruffs, skips, and \"character\" playing around the more solid kicks.

    Hope that helps. You really should be able to set up a killer swing kit with PD, especially if you add just a touch of room reflections to the track in your mix.

    Best regards,

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