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Topic: VotA Question.. Watermarking? Bad Sample?

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    VotA Question.. Watermarking? Bad Sample?

    Ok, I was playing with VotA tonight, just running some of my midi files through Sonar hearing what different bands would sound like if they were acapella (quite interesting, I must say!)

    Anyways, I\'m using MC oh MOD C1-C#! , and running 4 or 5 midi tracks through it, and at one point there\'s a slight background noise that sounds like either crickets or a coach\'s whistle blowing. (If you think about it, they both sound kinda the same. ) If anyone wants, I can email them a 20 second MP3 I captured with GS. The noise seems to occur when there\'s a buildup. (Now, I\'m no professional, I\'m just having fun here.) It\'s kinda frustrating, because it doesn\'t seem to be any clicks or pops or anything that Giga users seem to experience (and I\'ve got a pretty hefty system running.)

    If someone can help me out, I\'d greatly appreciate it.

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    Re: VotA Question.. Watermarking? Bad Sample?

    Sounds like you are overloading Gigas output.

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    Re: VotA Question.. Watermarking? Bad Sample?

    Build up of notes?

    yah probably like nick said overloading the outputs. Its pretty easy to do with samples that might be normalized close to zero. Especially with choir and brass there is a lot of power in the sound. Add enough together and it overloads.

    is it in one particular sample? If so then it could be a bad sample.

    I seriously doubt its watermarking.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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