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Topic: Scarbee or yellow tools?

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    Scarbee or yellow tools?

    I\'m going to purchase my first bass library, but im not shure what to choose. Both yellow tools e-basses and scarbee fingered sounds great by the demos. Anyone tried one or another?

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    Re: Scarbee or yellow tools?

    Hi - thought I might answer since nobody
    else does.
    Well - judging from the demo\'s alone Scarbee
    come\'s out on top I think - not only are the
    demo\'s more groovy - the basses are more \'real\' too - actually its scary!
    I have the J-fingered and are going
    to buy J-slap real soon. With all the extra\'s you get with midifiles, sample supplements and stuff from Scarbee I think
    its the best choise, all though I haven\'t got the pure basses library - maybe its better then the demo\'s imply.
    Go for Scarbee if you want the best bass
    sample instrument - if you want a palette
    of different basses maybe pure basses is the
    answer - personally I\'d rather have one
    really great bass as oppossed to having a
    number of different sounding basses, none of
    which is truely outstanding and versatile


    just for the record:
    I know Scarbee personally but dont
    endorse his products for that reason -
    actually its the other way round: I got
    to know him because I was amased by his
    sampled basses.

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    Re: Scarbee or yellow tools?

    Thanks, Sap

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