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Topic: Another GOS E.T. with Grand Detaches

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    Another GOS E.T. with Grand Detaches

    Yes, obviously I\'ve been quite obsessed with this E.T. theme . I went ahead and added violin grand detaches (more expressive now) and marteles and fixed the arrangement after I listened to the original J.W. cue. I also added the horn staccatos that are in the piece. I was way off went it came to the bass part!
    This is my last shot at it, I promise!
    Anyway, here it is again: http://damonbbradley.tripod.com/damonbradley/

    The demos at the bottom of the page.

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    Re: Another GOS E.T. with Grand Detaches

    Hehe so THAT\'S what you look like Heh always nice to know who you\'re \"dealing\" with.

    It keeps getting better! Still you got the melody wrong, but that\'s not the issue here. I find the strings to be \"dragging\" a bit. The high strings sound a little \"static\" in a strange way. I\'m pretty sure this is a limitation in GoS and not your fault, though. The rest sounds great. The problem as I see it is the lack of expression in the samples. Listen to E.T-real.mp3 and then at your piece. D\'ya hear how much more aggressive they are? There\'s a real BITE to it. Like the players are really kicking down with their bows That\'s what I\'d love to be able to emulate. I was hoping that GoS might do it, but apparently it does not. (That\'s not to say its not a great library though, nor is it your fault!)

    Thanks a lot for taking your time. I really appreciate it!


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    Re: Another GOS E.T. with Grand Detaches

    Sweet Damon, MUCH BETTER

    still I think you need to add those freaking slides!! thats the only thing missing IMO. Its the last touch to make it have more feeling.

    still using the GR detaches gave it that vibrato that it needed.

    Thomas, you can add a myriad of short bows underneath the lines to get that \"bite\" I do it alot with GOS. The Marteles have a real bite, the sultasto and Sautille are great for layering underneath for a little touch of attack.

    This is the thing with GOS, its not about one patch that will do it all, its about using it as a tool for building the realistic sound. You\'re given a lot to create the \"perfect\" sound which of course varies with each piece/melody. I consider it more like Scarbee\'s Bass library. Only difference is Scarbee knows his library and instrument inside and out, and its \"one instrument\". With strings one needs to really understand string writing AND then on top of it know how to sequence. Which IMO is why you\'re so damn good at it.

    KH has that \"hard attack\" patch that annoys me if used too much, Tho it sounds expressive if used in moderation and with the slides/doing glissandos.

    Still if its extra vibrato you\'re looking for (more than the GR detaches) then ones going to have to layer a solo violin on top. IMO an extra wider vibrato patch could have been usefull, but I think something like that may show up in a future update.

    KH and GOs may very well be a great mix, in fact I dont doubt that it will be an awesome mix of sounds, still if I were to choose one over the other. GOS would be the one. I mean I would never expect KH to do soft piano/expressive movements like in thar Shawshank cue I did a while ago. Tho I could be wrong, how does it perform on slow passages?
    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Another GOS E.T. with Grand Detaches

    actually I just listened to the real cue again, and yah it does have more bite, but I still think GOS can do it. It will take some tweaking in a sequencer for the expression, but I believe it would out do the KH mockup you did.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Another GOS E.T. with Grand Detaches

    Thanks for listening again guys
    I actually did use the marteles to give the strings a little more attack, but I kept it to low in the mix because it was taking away from the legato feel. They are much more aggressive on the real cue and possibly NOT using legato mode for the violins might have made them sound more aggressive.
    You can add more bite to the attacks Thomas, as King said, the marteles are nice for that sort of thing.
    I\'m sure Simon or someone else will make it sound even better.

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    Re: Another GOS E.T. with Grand Detaches

    Thanks Damon

    Very fine Work! I think you have a great future!

    Could you now take out the GOS Strings and only use AO and Ultimate Strings if you have it?

    ( I am starting to like GOS now!)

    I am interested to hear what this will sound like with AO and ULtimate strings.



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