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Topic: Quick Demo Using SAM trumpets!!!

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    Quick Demo Using SAM trumpets!!!

    Real quick..did it in four minutes (timed it)...just to avoid question....everything is super compressed....danke...here\'s the link to my site....


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    Re: Quick Demo Using SAM trumpets!!!

    Holy cow that\'s some compression you used there!! Why?!

    Nice use of the portatos, though!


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    Re: Quick Demo Using SAM trumpets!!!

    Woohoo! We\'re gonna have to call you Squeezy from now on JP

    The portatos sound great. Bummer - I\'m leaving for a week on the beach in the morning, and I\'m not allowed to take any work toys

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    Re: Quick Demo Using SAM trumpets!!!

    Why so much compression....good question...I was trying to get that old super compressed tape sound...in a sense...I was trying to emulate a beatles recording...all their stuff was INCREDIBLY compressed...be it piano, drums, brass, guitar...

    anywho...I think the samples sound great...keep up the good work guys!


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