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Topic: Piano recommendation...Steinway B & Gigapiano hybrid

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    Piano recommendation...Steinway B & Gigapiano hybrid


    I own Nemesys Gigapiano and Eastwest Steinway B and I like them both but...can anybody suggest me some Gigasamler piano with this specifications:

    - clear and well defined as Steinway B
    - beautiful resonance like Gigapiano
    - better bass than Steinway (more like Gigapiano)
    - release trigger layer like Gigapiano but a bit softer
    - at least 4 velocity layer

    ...to conclude - I need one piano that is hybrid of Steinway B and Gigapiano (Yamaha).

    Thanks a lot?


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    Re: Piano recommendation...Steinway B & Gigapiano hybrid

    Hello Igor,

    Perhaps the newly released Bosendorfer Imperial may be the piano you are looking for. You can listen to MP3 demos at www.bardstownaudio.com

    Bardstown Audio

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    Re: Piano recommendation...Steinway B & Gigapiano hybrid

    If you\'re willing to wait for Post\'s Steinway, judging from the mp3s he\'s given us, I think it is the closest sample yet to the real thing. I have the EastWest Steinway, Gigapiano, and pretty much all the others. If you have a fast connection, you can listen to various mp3 files of the kind of Steinway sound I like. I\'m at http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/42/john_lewis_grant.html In every piece the Steinway is tweaked differently. I use SB live verb. (Sue me!)
    I\'ve always been partial to the EW Steinway, IF TWEAKED. If the Post Steinway D is true to the mp3 files, it should sound more accurate than the EW, even without tweaking.

    I can\'t speak for the BOS sound. Sam\'s the best judge on that score. I have the EW BOS and I don\'t like it much. I just don\'t like the sound. The BOS mentioned above seems better, at least as far as I can tell from the mp3s that represent it. But it\'s still not really MY kind of sound. Anyway, it\'s a BOS, which IS quite a different sounding piano from a Steinway.

    BTW, you are dead right about the bass in the EW Steinway. It is not great. Post\'s Steinway has it beat on that score, no question. I hope he packages it as a \"stand alone\" or perhaps with some of his excellent organ or harpsichoard samples. (I think it\'s harpsichord. Post can correct me if I\'m wrong.)

    John Grant

    ps \"The Grand\" which is incompatible with Gigasampler and Studio sounds pretty good judging from the mp3s. It\'s a Kawai (I have a smaller Kawai grand at home) and it actually sounds like one. Too bad it\'s not in Gigasampler format.

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    Re: Piano recommendation...Steinway B & Gigapiano hybrid

    Hi Igor

    In my humble opinion, Kip\'s new Bosendorfer sample has great resonances, a mighty bass, release triggers that capture the acoustics of the hall itself and four velocity layers as specified.

    I\'ve had it for two days and am enjoying playing, tweaking and recording it.


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    Re: Piano recommendation...Steinway B & Gigapiano hybrid

    Thanks Kip, thanks Sam, thanks John!

    John, beatifully played! I heard many interpretations of Bach’s Das Wohltemperierte Klavier and I must to say that yours interpretation is on of my favorit. And sounds great also! Is that EW’s Steinway at all? It sounds much better than mine.

    OK…I am waiting for Post’s Steinway D.

    Kip, I heard BOS’s Imperial MP3s and your sample is rellly really great. But, I like Steinway and Yamaha like grands more than BOS. That have nothing with sample quality, but with overall sound character of original instruments. I tried EW’s BOS few months ago but I the overall sound character is not what I’m looking for.

    Please can somebody comment W. Trachtman Steinway C?


    Igor Gojnik

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    Re: Piano recommendation...Steinway B & Gigapiano hybrid

    Thank you Igor. I\'m glad you were able to get into the site. It takes a long time, even with a fast connection.

    Re my sample and the Well-tempered, I like some of them, but not all. I say this because for a long time I was not at all happy with the piano sample as tweaked.

    The samples that you listened to dated \"Jan 17 2002\" at http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/42/john_lewis_grant.html are very different from the samples I posted about a week ago at this site.

    I think they are better. Unfortunately I don\'t keep track of my editing of the sample, and I\'m now attempting to re-create the \"Jan 17\" sound.

    God bless Sam, who introduced many of us technopeasants to the world of LOW PASS FILTERING, which is definitely what the Steinway B needs. Even then, the bass end of the instrument is far from perfect.

    If you have the MAG sample (MALMSO GRAND), a trick you may want to try (it\'s been mentioned here before) is to use BOTH samples simultaneously to beef up the sound.

    (Please also note that REVERB choice is CRITICAL to the sound of the sample. I use reverb itself as a means of altering the characteristics of a sample. There are many good plugins on the market, Timeworks and Ren. Reverb are two that come to mind. After not liking SBLIVE\'s built-in verb, I\'ve come to live with it. It CAN be subtley altered, it works realtime with Gigasample--no problem--and it doesn\'t steal as much CPU as many plugins do.)

    Back to samples. The trouble with the Steinway B--like many of the piano samples on the market--is TINNYNESS. Trachtman and other\'s don\'t agree, but I find Trachtman\'s Steinway--while very accurate--to sound like the kind of piano that one would use with ragtime music. In fact, it\'s perfect in that mode (just my opinion). (All Steinway\'s are different, of course--I\'ve played quite a few at University of Toronto--I don\'t own any unfortunately).

    Go to the \"piano shootout\" page on the net and listen to the samples yourself. Of course, mp3s based on particular midi files can be misleading, but it\'s helpful. Fortunately, I have most of the main contenders at home with me; so I\'ve been able to discover first hand which sample (for me the EW Steinway) suits my particular needs.

    J.G. http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/42/john_lewis_grant.html

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