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Topic: giga studio 24 bit?

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    giga studio 24 bit?

    Unless Im imagining things , Im sure I saw it listed among the new giga studio features at this site ,that the new giga studio will be 24 bit 96 k capable , but when I had the nemesys tech department on the phone they said the current giga sampler is not 24 bit capable even though there\'s a setting for it under configuration , and the giga studio with not be 24 bit capable at first , but will be at a later revision . And at that point it will not be 96 k only 48 k . I think Nemesys seems to be a pretty good company but you have to admit listing that giga studio is 24/96 capable when it\'s not is a little misleading .

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    Re: giga studio 24 bit?

    I agree that this is misleading.

    My understanding now is that gigastudio won\'t import 24-bit files. It will sum 16-bit files and allow a 24-bit card to send a 24-bit output, but Gigasampler does that already.

    The reference to 24-bit compatibility on the Nemesys web page is, I believe, intentionally vague. I think that leads to customers being misled (some of whom may be updating hardware, partly in anticipation of GigaStudio), and I think it should be clarified on the web page.

    Also, details about the new instrument editor would be welcome.

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