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Topic: GOS Shawshank Prison theme

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    GOS Shawshank Prison theme

    For any Thomas Newman fans, I mocked up the Prison theme from Shawshank Redemption last night.
    Brass-Dan Dean solo french horn, Miroslav Fh
    Xsample Harp

    Enjoy! http://damonbbradley.tripod.com/damonbradley/
    The demo is at the bottom of the webpage.

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    Re: GOS Shawshank Prison theme

    Hey, that sounds really good. The strings are spot on. Excellent work (again) Damon!

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    Re: GOS Shawshank Prison theme

    Very Cool, Damon.

    This would be a great demo for potential GOS buyers. Although it\'s a fairly slow theme, the strings are really flying naked in the breeze and still sound quite convincing.

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    Re: GOS Shawshank Prison theme

    Thanks for listening guys . Its such a great piece of music. I learned so much from this mockup of how strings can play against eachother to create tension and release.
    Newmans best score by far IMHO.

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    Re: GOS Shawshank Prison theme


    How do you do these reproductions? Do you reproduce by ear, buy the sheet music?


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    Re: GOS Shawshank Prison theme

    Hey Joanne,
    I can\'t read music at all. I have played by ear all my life. I just popped the Shawshank CD in the player last night and picked out each part by ear. This piece was a bit tricky in spots, but I somehow managed to get through it.
    Doing these mockups is teaching me so much about orchestration. I find it a good thing to do when your own creativity gets stifled.

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    Re: GOS Shawshank Prison theme

    Hey there Damon,

    Long time no talk! Well, what can I say; it seems you\'re getting damn good with the GOS library. Very impressive. One of the best adverts for GOS that I\'ve heard.

    Well done again!!


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    Re: GOS Shawshank Prison theme

    i love this theme .sounds great damon!!
    nice work!!!

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    Re: GOS Shawshank Prison theme

    Hey Chris,

    Long time no talk indeed! Hope all is going well with Bruce Boa and the wife and kid . Let me know what\'s going on.
    Thanks for listening and the kind words Chris and Ricardo. It was an absolute pleasure to do this mockup of what I think is some great writing by Thomas Newman.
    I used the 1st and 2nd violin grand detaches, 2nd violin SusV, viola grand detache, Celli Sordino, Bass Sus, and Celli SusV LEG. Brass is Dan Dean solo french horn (which I\'m beginning to love for its wide range of dynamics with the crossfade) and Miroslav French horns. Harp is the incredible Xsample concert harp.
    I have to say those violin and viola grand detaches are soooo expressive and rich. I take them over the regular SusV\'s anyday unless for fast legato phrases. I really hope Gary and Tom can find a way to loop them or extend them in length in some way.
    King told me he handed Gary forte grand detache loops at NAMM the other day, so hopefully we will have them .

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    Re: GOS Shawshank Prison theme

    Thanks Joanne . Maybe I\'ll get around to finishing the demo. There is about 30 more seconds of it where it gets dark, then comes back to the main theme with just the bass and celli.

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