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Topic: DAMAGED BEAUTY - Violin & String Orchestra (Sosnowski)

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    Arrow DAMAGED BEAUTY - Violin & String Orchestra (Sosnowski)

    Damaged Beauty
    Adagio for Violin & String Orchestra
    By David J. Sosnowski

    To Listen:

    The score is also available on the
    site (01.11.2009).


    David Sosnowski

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    Re: DAMAGED BEAUTY - Violin & String Orchestra (Sosnowski)

    Even if damaged this is is beautiful! In every sense of the word! I've been listening for quite a bit now (actually I plan on listening more. I was hoping to compose, but I will actually do some word work in order to listen to it again.)

    The only 'objection' I would have, you know how I am, would be that I think the violin is a little bit too loud. It comes off as an 'extra' in the orchestra and not part of the group, even as a soloist...

    BTW, the rendering of the strad (it is the strad, right?), is very very very very good! And your harmonic language. OH MY GOD!

    (I also know you'll upload the score sooner or later: just make it sooner rather than later! )

    A big Fan:


    EDIT: And I actually posted this before the e-mail notification! Take THAT automatic machines! Human love and care for brilliance is stronger than thy!

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    Re: DAMAGED BEAUTY - Violin & String Orchestra (Sosnowski)

    very impressive david! I really like this style. The string body entering like a surge of chords or clusters and the solo violin answering.

    would love to hear this played by a real orchestra

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    Re: DAMAGED BEAUTY - Violin & String Orchestra (Sosnowski)

    Gorgeous, David. Everything about the violin was just beautiful, the writing and rendering really nailed it. As another "fiddler" with the Strad, I really can appreciate what you have done with it. I am going to have to hear this one again right now. Thanks David, I hope you have been avoiding the snow shovel out there! John

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    Re: DAMAGED BEAUTY - Violin & String Orchestra (Sosnowski)

    What a wonderful piece...those strings chords are something special and exquisite...the Strad is fantastic...simply beautiful!!!!


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    Re: DAMAGED BEAUTY - Violin & String Orchestra (Sosnowski)

    Well David, I guess you’re just going to have to get use to your music being called “beautiful” after this and Entanglement. Why you even have the word in the title of this piece, so I guess subconsciously you’ve accepted your fate.

    Speaking of your musical gestalt, I heard more of those triads trying to perforate your harmonic support system; guess you are entering your 3rd triad-mester but the labor pains of the orchestra helps keep them at bay. Such harmonies….beautiful…there’s that word again.

    (except for a note here and there) I really liked how you had a constant harmonic string orchestra subtext for the violin to play with, rather than having solo ‘moments’ mixed in. It worked well in this piece.

    I would have to disagree with the violin being to loud. There are a few notes here and there that maybe could be squelched a bit, but since the orchestra and soloist are all string instruments with very close timbre and harmonic structure, the violin would get lost. More importantly, the lush harmonies between the two would be jeopardized, you’d lose some of the impact of what you have achieved. Guess you can try lowering the gain to see what happens though.

    Really an exquisite and emotive piece here David……(there, I avoided beautiful)
    A big bravissimo!!

    My best,


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    Re: DAMAGED BEAUTY - Violin & String Orchestra (Sosnowski)

    That is down right beautiful David.
    Producer ~ Sound Engineer ~ Musician


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    Re: DAMAGED BEAUTY - Violin & String Orchestra (Sosnowski)

    Very beautiful David.

    Loved the "lush" sound of your string orchestra with
    the "Stradivari" out front. The harmonies make the
    accompaniment so easy to solo against and their
    progressive movement enhances the forward motion
    of this piece.

    Just great string work here, David.


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    Re: DAMAGED BEAUTY - Violin & String Orchestra (Sosnowski)

    This was a beautiful piece. I felt both of the words in your title expressed in the piece. I would love to see the score for it, because there were some very elegant chords played by the sections In an instance it changed to dark mood then moved right back - which is one thing I always loved about orchestral music.

    I'm assuming you were using the Strad Solo Library because of the sound and the wonderful use of vibrato creeping in and out on the sustained notes. I'm interested as to why you used virtually no portamento on the lead? It sounded great either way, but it was a curious decision.

    I will check back at your site to see if you do add the score, because like I said earlier, I really want to know what was going on at times.

    Just lovely as usual.
    -Keith Fuller

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    Re: DAMAGED BEAUTY - Violin & String Orchestra (Sosnowski)

    I love this. Bravo my friend. I just watched the movie, "The Red Violin" and this piece would be perfect for that movie. The sadness and dispair of that gorgeous violin are evident. This has to be the strad. It pulls at the heart string and drowns one in to it's mournful web of sadness and dispair. If these were not the emotions you wanted, maybe it's the snow outside I am feeling them from. In any case, this piece is introspective and beautiful in it's dispair. I love that last mournful note (on an open string, no vibrato, and I assume it was the E string).

    Applause, Applause, Applause Maestro!

    We dream to write and we write to dream.

    Challenge #10 Winner

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