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Topic: Reverse cut-off by Modulation?

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    Reverse cut-off by Modulation?


    I was wondering. How can I do a \'reverse\' cutoff change by using e.g. the mod wheel? So that if I apply a low freq. filter to the wheel, I\'ll get a LOWER cutoff as I push the wheel, rather than OPENING the frequency? I need this for brass sounds, and I want the default to be a fully open cutoff, but being able to close the frequencies by pushing the wheel - is this possible???


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    Re: Reverse cut-off by Modulation?

    Not really possible as far as I can tell. Not a lot of flexibility in the modulation dept. You could fake it pretty well by using like 16 dimentions for filter cutoff, mapped \'upside down\' and modulated with the wheel.


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