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Topic: Performance and config questions

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    Performance and config questions

    I just got a 1Ghz Dell. 128MB Rambus RAM. 10K RPM SCSI hardrive. I loaded Bosendorfer with gigasampler 1.52. Unless Gigasampler is the only app running, I get pops in the output. I\'m assuming I need to upgrade (already) to at least 256 MB of RAM (rambus is expensive). I can\'t imagine even running cakewalk to reocord to while Giga is running. What do I need in order to record gigsampler performances to cakewalk for example. I only have 1 hard disk. I may be adding a 2nd on soon for cakewalk. Can someone please comment on the overall basics of what I would need to run giga and cake on the same machine.

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    Re: Performance and config questions

    The Bösendorfer should work with 128 megs.
    What sound card do you have?

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    Re: Performance and config questions

    I had 128M on a system that is well optimized for audio. For the most part the Boesy played ok on this system, and I was able to sequence it and record it in CW. But it wasn\'t consistently perfect, there were occasional note lags, and if there was much load when it was lagging I got some crashes. It wasn\'t bad, but it wasn\'t confidence inspiring.

    I\'ve got no problems at 256M. If you\'re getting a high end system, you should spend your money smartly so you end up with something that rocks, not a hot-rod that crashes. This monster sample needs lots of memory, but it\'s worth it IMO.


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    Re: Performance and config questions

    I have a soundblaster live. I unistalled the ****ty norton antivirus and I have no pops or anything when I play with the pedal down and use my entire are to hit as many keys as possible. Talk about polyphony! Anyways, I did notice a problem with a note played on the higher end of the keyboard with the pedal down, the sound is kinda distorted. Anyone seen this problem too? This happpens when playing the bosendorfer. I believe it\'s the first E above middle C. Can someone verify. Again this happens only with the pedal down.

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