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Topic: Kontakt 3.5

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    Kontakt 3.5

    I understand that the upcoming NI Kontakt 3.5 will be natively 64-bit. I have the Garritan strad & cello libraries, and I currently play them with the included Kontakt Player in 32-bit.

    Does anyone know if the upcoming Kontakt 3.5 will likely run the cello and strad in a 64-bit environment? I don't know anything about Kontakt except how to load up my Garritan libs in it

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    Re: Kontakt 3.5

    Kontakt 3.5 should, as does K3.0.*, be able to load all instruments/libraries created with K1/2/3, incl. all KP2 libraries, in 32/64 bit environments. Time will tell if it actually works as intended

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    Re: Kontakt 3.5

    In case anyone is wondering, I just used Kontakt 3.5 Player this last weekend to play the strad and cello in a live setting, and everything seemed to work just fine. I haven't done a lot of testing yet, but Kontakt 3.5 seems to be just fine for these.

    I did this with the 32-bit version of Kontakt. I assume 64-bit should work just as well.

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