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Topic: Recommended libraries for woodwinds and brass

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    Recommended libraries for woodwinds and brass

    Hi All,

    I\'ve had good luck following suggestions for sample library purchases based on this board. I am in need of quality brass and woodwind sounds for classical style compositions.

    I have tried virtual modeling using a Yamaha WX5 controller and an EX5 (using VL70 patches), but I\'ve been disappointed by complete lack of realism in the sounds. The internal patches are way better than the ones I purchased, but still are not ready for prime time.

    So I\'m back to using samples. Are the XSample libraries any good? Advanced Orchestra Woodwinds seems to be unavailable now. Miroslav is beyond my budget and Quantum Leap Brass will require some more saving up. What am I missing?

    While I\'m asking about libraries I see Ultimate Percussion is $299 and VR Sound Percussion is $149. Does anyone have experience with either or both and can explain the difference.

    Thanks for any and all help.

    Steve Chandler http://www.mp3.com/stevechandler
    aka Ettienne http://www.mp3.com/ettienne

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    Re: Recommended libraries for woodwinds and brass

    I prefer Dan Dean\'s Solo Woodwinds over AO. The Xsample woodwinds are not bad but do not have a flute available.

    I have yet to try on Dan Dean\'s Solo Brass but they sound good in the demos when mixed with Quantum Leap Brass. You might want to wait for the Solo Brass that Worra is working on. There have been some demos posted. You\'ll still need some ensemble brass.

    Get the London Orchestral Percussion. It is an upgrade to UOP and is quite excellent.

    Check past posts in the last couple months for other opinions on these libraries.

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    Re: Recommended libraries for woodwinds and brass

    Dan Deans solo french horn is great on it\'s own and great for layering with ensembles for a bigger sound.

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    Re: Recommended libraries for woodwinds and brass

    For solo brass I only use Dean Dean. Gary Garitan has announced plans for a new brass library which should be excellent. You can download a free trumpet section, I have, and it\'s great. The nice thing about Dan Dean brass is that you may purchase the instruments separately. x-sample brass is ok, I had used their solo horn for the longest time since it was my favorite.

    For woodwinds I use Dan Dean and the saxes from Quantum Leap brass. The alto sax from x-sample is pretty good also as are the other winds that they sell. Their clarinet is very good, you get legato, staccto, glissandos, and flutters. The bass clarinet and bassett horn are on this Cd too.

    I have used Miroslav in the past, they are ok, but they do not offer the kind of realism that x-sample and Dean Dean has. They also very expensive.

    I hope this helps.

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    Re: Recommended libraries for woodwinds and brass

    Interesting! I went exactly the other way around (as explained in an earlyer post). After beeing disapointed by the available woodwind samples, I went into physical modelling with VL7m and WX5 last year. And I must say, that I am more and more convinced that this is the way to go. To give you a idea why, I cut together a couple of very different pieces with different virtual instruments. http://www.ccshop.ch/fmf/vmDemoLR.mp3
    I am still a beginner in playing the wx5, but the result is already much better then what I could do with samples. But there is another important point. All these lines are played live without any editing involved. If you do scoring, you just dont have the time (I dont have the patience anyhow) to tweak and optimise a simple solo voice. I will eventualy do that when I\'m retired and write my final symphony...
    So guys - do you consider these virtual instruments convincing or not - or do you have a better alternative for playing live to the picture?

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    Re: Recommended libraries for woodwinds and brass


    Thanks for posting your samples! Being a sax player myself, I think I see what you appreciate about these modeled sounds. The playability and nuance seem a bit better than many samples.
    There are some problems, though. There is still something \"synthy\" about some of these sounds. Also if you observe the \"real\" ranges of the instrument you are emulating, it will be more believable...
    Haydn mentioned the vibrato sounding like LFO. I\'m not sure I agree that it sounds quite like LFO, but it certainly doesn\'t sound like \"real\" vibrato. The fact that you are controlling the vib. via your mouthpiece is probably more satisfying as a player, however.

    And of course, that last snippet has to sound like a synth, because it is soo high. Cool as a synth, tho

    Thanks for sharing - I hadn\'t heard these modeled sounds before.



    [This message has been edited by Jim Clark (edited 01-27-2002).]

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    Re: Recommended libraries for woodwinds and brass

    I\'m anxiously awaiting my Breath controller with MY Z6 Guitar Controller.

    I have a feeling that if peoploe get into soudn design with Giga and develop libraries to work with Breath controllers/CC controllers its quite possible to get even more realistic results out of them.

    Tho I hear that GS doesn\'t track well to quick CC movements

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Recommended libraries for woodwinds and brass

    Haydn: good ear indeed! It is a combination of the physical model of a flute, but played with double reed. For me physical modelling is not about competing with a real oboe or tenor sax, its about creating the sound that best fits a musical expression. Since you can choose the size of your tube from piccolo to Alphorn, your not bound to a range of a existing instrument. The vibrato will sound better once I master the appropriate blowing technique.
    Simon: I share your hope, maybe one day we can emulate real instruments - in the meantime I\'m happy to have some sounds convincing enough for directors...
    Jim: Your welcome... and you got the point: these are modelled sounds, not oboe or saxophon - and its a lot of fun playing around with it.

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    Re: Recommended libraries for woodwinds and brass

    Not quite sure if the first solo is an oboe or not. It is played too high to be an oboe. The clarinet is quite expressive but the vibrato sounds like an LFO. The other solo instruments sound like a synthesizer especially what I think is a sax at the end. LFO vibrato just doesn\'t sound right.

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    Re: Recommended libraries for woodwinds and brass

    Hi Steve.

    You might wanna check this out:


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