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Topic: Wacky Horror Themes

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    Wacky Horror Themes

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    Re: Wacky Horror Themes

    Good stuff, Aaron! It reminds me a bit of the music that accompanies Cirque du Soliel\'s Quidam video - I just *love* that music.

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    Re: Wacky Horror Themes

    <<<<<(I wish Kurzweil still made the PC88 or a K2600 Keyboard without the K2600).>>>>>

    The keyboards in these Kurzweil products you have mentioned are actually Fatar keyboards.

    You can purchase a nice basic Fatar keyboard controller without the K2600. I would suggest that you consider getting two different Fatar keyboard controllers....one with weighted piano keys for sampled pianos, and another less expensive Fatar keyboard controller such as the SL161 with a synth action keyboard, which works much better for instruments other than sampled pianos.

    Bardstown Audio

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    Re: Wacky Horror Themes

    None of the Fatar keyboards have sliders though. I use them quite extensivley especially with libraries such as GOS. The PC88 has 4 of them and the K2600 Keyboard has 8! The model that\'s replaced the PC88 has them at the center of the keyboard which I find to be really awkward. The K2600 has the ribbon controller as well.

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    Re: Wacky Horror Themes

    Get a SlideMate from Encore Electronics. 8 sliders, totally programmable. With a few button pushes, you can select different banks of 8 controllers. Solid piece of hardware, and amazing response... Even when I move the slider as fast as I can, it generates every single integer between 0 and 127!

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    Re: Wacky Horror Themes

    Cool demo Aaron. I hear the Elfman quality. Reminds me a little of the theme to \"Tales from the Crypt\".
    What were those voices from in the beginning of the demo?

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    Re: Wacky Horror Themes

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Damon:
    Cool demo Aaron. I hear the Elfman quality. Reminds me a little of the theme to \"Tales from the Crypt\".

    Thank you, Damon. You\'ve actually picked one of the few Danny Elfman themes/soundtracks I haven\'t heard/don\'t own. :-)

    What were those voices from in the beginning of the demo?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    VotA. Recently purchased and still figuring it out.

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    Re: Wacky Horror Themes

    I like the sound of those voices . Ironically I\'m working on an Elfmanish sounding demo right now with alot of pizz from GOS, xsample celesta, and boys choir from SOV. It\'s really a twisted tune.

    [This message has been edited by Damon (edited 01-27-2002).]

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    Re: Wacky Horror Themes

    What\'s the xsample celesta like? I been toying with buying it, although I then think I should wait until Donnie does his. I can\'t seem to find out from him whether it\'s happening or not, though.

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    Re: Wacky Horror Themes

    I agree with you there Haydn I think one of the best samples I have is the Xsample concert harp.

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