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Topic: The Orchestra Collection (BigFishAudio)

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    The Orchestra Collection (BigFishAudio)


    Great work on the demos!!

    So, do you still feel this is a nice addition to the tool box.

    What type of control does it give? GPC, etc.

    What advantages does it have over AO Complete Giga?

    I like the brass in the demo...can you add any thoughts about the brass?

    Thanks man,

    Francis Belardino

    Sound Designer
    Audio Visions, LTD.
    Wilmington, DE.


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    Re: The Orchestra Collection (BigFishAudio)

    Upon first hearing - and seeing the price - this looks to be a great entry-level orchestral library.

    I would be interested in hearing comments about the library from the developer(s) and,
    of course, more demos. Especially demos that present \"naked\" instruments i.e. in a thinner mix so as to hear not to much \"what is possible\" but rather \"what you get\" (if that makes any sense).

    Nice demos though. Are these demos \"out of the box\" + reverb?

    Thanks and congradulations,

    Craig D

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