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Topic: Mac or PC ??

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    Re: Mac or PC ??

    I recommend the pc for music if you confuse in pc or mac.because pc have more feature than the mac system.
    You have to install the latest antivirus in your pc and enjoy all the music through internet on pc .

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    Re: Mac or PC ??

    I preferred mac because very secure
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    Re: Mac or PC ??

    Well as kitekrazy said, if you're a gamer Mac is a no go, but if not I would go for a Mac. I myself use both PC and Mac when creating music, but I prefer working in Logic Pro X instead of Ableton Live, so Mac is my first hand choice.

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    Re: Mac or PC ??

    Maybe a few years ago I would say PC, but as of now, I prefer MAC. They are much more user-friendly and powerful. Yep, the price is higher but you get the product, which you don't need to customize.
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    Re: Mac or PC ??

    It's interesting to read this thread 9 years later lol. Honestly, I don't think it matters too much nowadays. Mac is pretty up-to-date as in comaptible with most programs. I like Mac's UI more

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