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Topic: Use of the title "Maestro"

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    Use of the title \"Maestro\"

    I really hope that this doesn\'t start a flame war and this post is not meant to hurt anyone either but I feel this must be said.

    As someone who makes a living playing in an orchestra I feel that we are using the word \"Maestro\" inappropriately. Maestro is title given with highest regards to the main conductor of a symphony and is not to be taken lightly. In Memphis we don\'t even call the assistant conductor Maestro.

    Again, I don\'t mean any harm by this but I do want to make sure people understand that this title is not to be thrown around loosely. After all we don\'t use titles like \"Bishop\" or \"CEO\" loosely.



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    Re: Use of the title \"Maestro\"

    There are very, very, very few sacred words these days... and I personally don\'t consider \"Maestro\" one of them. Remember, these are the days when a \"queen\" can often simply be a guy in drag...

    Besides, actions speak louder than words.

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    Re: Use of the title \"Maestro\"

    Hey King! Gotcha on the dumb a thing! Thats me all the way...

    Well I guess I\'m just being a snobby stuffed shirt on this then. Are there any other symphony guys out there that think like me???


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    Re: Use of the title \"Maestro\"

    Donnie - probably - but this has to be one of the most ridiculous threads ever to be started

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    Re: Use of the title \"Maestro\"

    I have to admit, I often have a difficult time figuring out where exactly donnie is coming from. (and I don\'t mean geographically)


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    Re: Use of the title \"Maestro\"

    Oh, come on now....surely there\'s someone out there who knows where I\'m coming from. And again, I not trying to be mean spirited about this to anyone it\'s just something that honestly bothers me some.

    I guess it\'s just one of those things were you have to be in the business for it to really effect you.


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    Re: Use of the title \"Maestro\"

    Funny topic Donnie! I think this irritation moment belongs to you and only you, though. I\'m a professional pianist and I\'ve got my masters degree in orchestration. I guess that makes me \"a guy in the biz\". Funny, though. Here in norway we just refer to the conductor as \"man.\"

    \"Hey man, could you give me a little point when my part comes in.. I\'ve got like 64 rest bars here and I keep forgetting where I was.\"


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    Re: Use of the title \"Maestro\"

    It just means \'master\'. If you want to call someone \'master\' because he holds a little stick; go right ahead. In fact, if you went to England and made that crack about the Memphis Symphony Orchestra, most of the people who think \'Maestro\' belongs to the chosen few would be rolling their eyes around in embarrassment and you\'d get some bad jokes about Elvis flung at you to boot.

    There are Maestros in every walk of life and we get to decide for ourselves who they are - as long as i don\'t HAVE to call someone Maestro, I\'m OK.

    I agree with lance_m, only upper-class dim-bulbs born with diamond-encrusted spoons poking from every orafice should be called queens.

    In fact, the gay community\'s hijacking of the word \'queen\' helps to break down ludicrous artificial status-spheres (by helping us appreciate that we\'re all equal - or at least we\'re all of equal value).

    If you want a word that has really suffered, try \'awesome\'. Time was, you had to be visited by angels (or some such hallucination) before you were officially allowed to use the word. Now it\'s:
    \"Got a pen?\"

    I think you should start calling the assistant conductor at the Memphis Symphony \'Maestro\' and see what happens. If you don\'t get a reaction, tell him he\'s as talented as a queen.

    Thanks for giving me five minutes off my mind-numbingly boring work to talk absolute drivel :-)

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    Re: Use of the title \"Maestro\"

    Hahaha Z6 You really crack me up sometimes !!


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    Re: Use of the title \"Maestro\"

    Ok, this is turning from funny to insulting.

    First off, Thomas J just last year you said you were starting college and now a year later you have your Masters??? Guess I should have went to school in Norway, it would have saved me about 6 years of school loan bills.

    Like I said before, I tried to make this lighthearted but certain peoples ignorances are a little to hard to swallow. Its just that to me, as a professional musician, who makes my living by playing in an orchestra, throwing around that title is insulting. It\'s no different than a doctor being upset if everyone in the room started calling themselves doctors. The real doctor has spent long hard years earning that title and to him, as it is to me, the title means something and should be respected more.


    [This message has been edited by donnie (edited 01-31-2002).]

    [This message has been edited by donnie (edited 01-31-2002).]

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