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Topic: UI Disappeared! HELP!

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    UI Disappeared! HELP!

    I\'d just started using GS 1.6 and it seems like I accidently hit a particular keystroke combination and the user interface disappeared. The program is loaded and on the bottom taskbar, but I can\'t access it. Actually, key combinations will make various dialog boxes reappear, but I can\'t get the main interface. I tried uninstalling and reinstall several times, to no avail... there must be a reg entry storing this \"preference\", but I\'m not confident enough with programming to mess with that. HELP!

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    Re: UI Disappeared! HELP!

    What you\'ve done is minimize it.

    RIGHT-click on the GS icon on the task bar and select RESTORE.

    Unless you\'ve done something really strange, that should fix it.

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