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Topic: Jealous Sample Developers Low Blow GOS Strings

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    Jealous Sample Developers Low Blow GOS Strings

    After producing a hugely successful sample library, Gary seems to have excited the jealous attentions of some sample developers. It is obvious that what is going on in recent threads and the message certain sample developers portray is loud and clear: \"I\'M SO JEALOUS OF GARRITAN\'S SUCCESS THAT I JUST CAN\'T STAND IT\". Those guys must be seething: GOS won the coveted Editor\'s Choice award (only sample library ever to get it), receives a litany of impressive endorsements, and gets accolades from customers and professionals. These credentials are far more compelling than any posts from some disgruntled developers. In a competitive market, when one does super-well and raises the bar, the competition is expected to be unsettled. Criticism is good, but the credibility factor is at the bottom when competitors disparage another developer\'s product and engage in personal attacks. Such conduct is unprofessional and lacks integrity.

    Does anyone really think that sample developer\'s comments about their competitor\'s products will be truthful? Take \'honest\' Nick, who neglected to mention he was a beta tester for GOS and admits he had a beta version months before it was even released. I noticed that Nick is even credited in the GOS manual. Isn\'t the purpose of a beta to help a developer before a product is released? So helpful Nick does a hatchet job on the sound of GOS (months after the release) while attempting to set in motion a negative spectacle as a prelude to announcing his intention to do a string library. Even though I like QLB, I\'ll think twice before buying any other library of Nick\'s. First he\'s not recording a string library, then suddenly he is...He\'s making great music with GOS, then in an about-face, he doesn\'t like the sound. It\'s hard to believe anything he says.

    Then there is Franz (with a competing string library) who feels compelled to join the negative campaign. But Franz sinks to lower levels by resorting to cheap shots and personal attacks. Then Donnie, in the height of absurdity, objects to Gary\'s application of the term \'Maestro\' used to honor GOS customers. Give me a break. Who knows what cronies and vested interests have also joined the fray remaining hidden behind their aliases. I am against censorship, but maybe it\'s time for some sort of reasonable guidelines for the developers in this forum.

    The sample developers with their big distributor backing have been left in the dust. There\'s this independent little guy who set a new standard and beat the established developers and big companies at their game. Gary managed to get into Lincoln Center to record millions of dollars worth of strings. He delivers an exceptional product that is innovative, imaginative, provides great documentation and it sounds absolutely great. He doesn’t just give us a product, thinking only about the bucks. He is ever responsive to user suggestions - always wanting to know \"how can we do this better\", he keeps us informed, is fair in his pricing, goes beyond the call of duty to his customers, and even gives us free updates. Gary has been positive, he credits his musicians and contributors, has never publicly criticized another developer, and does not make comparisons to competitor\'s products. Integrity and commitment shows in his product and his dealings, and this is the kind of developer I prefer to do business with. He has this customer for life and I\'ll buy anything he does.

    GOS has shaken the whole industry and is a sample library many have been waiting for. Achievement and innovation are often resented and subject to attack by jealous competitors.
    So Gary must be doing something right. Don\'t sample developers realize that their negative posts turn many people off and cheapen the perceptions of their products and their own integrity? Sample developers would do better to follow Gary\'s lead. It will mean better libraries, more innovation, improved service and more choices for all of us.

    Keep up the good work Gary!

    \'Maestro\' NYBLUE

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    Re: Jealous Sample Developers Low Blow GOS Strings

    I totally agree.

    True Excellence will always win in the end.

    In the music business there is a dark underground of wannabes and failures. These shadowy figures haunt this forum and others with their self righteousness and arrogance.

    It\'s like the guy who gets the gig \'cause he\'s so and so\'s best friend. The project goes nowhere because the producers failed to hire honest hard working people that would truly shine with their creative and positive energy. I\'ve seen it ad nauseum.

    What really amazes me however is that people think they are really getting a definitive be all and end all \'Musical Instrument\' when they purchase a sample library. The best one could ever hope for is a well thought out Virtual Instrument. And there\'s nothing wrong with that. It\'s a very useful tool.
    All I am saying is that Samples are like a pale reflection of the Real Thing. Like the way the moon reflects the Sun. Don\'t get me wrong, I enjoy my Virtual Instruments and have spent well over 10k on them. I am however not suffering under the illusions that these are a replacement for the real thing. GOS is a bargain considering what it is. Most Sample libraries are way overpriced and are produced solely for a profit. It shows in the attitudes of the people who create them. Ever try to get a replacement disk from East-West? It\'s like pulling teeth. Man are they doing you a favor!

    The old saying that one never regretted buying quality certainly applies here.

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    Re: Jealous Sample Developers Low Blow GOS Strings

    Whew! For a second there I thought this was going to be another 100-200 message thread.

    I know this makes no sense at all but could we focus on the purpose of this forum? KingIdiot (I use his full name for the sake of clarity, long live the King!!) has made a good point of working together to get the most out of the libraries that we have. I also think it appropriate to share projects that have used these libraries...not to flaunt one\'s ability, but to show what can be done with a given library. I thought I was getting pretty good with GOS, then I heard some of Jeremy Soule\'s MP3\'s and I immediately went and cried in my closet...I\'m ok now.

    Also, perhaps we should start a new forum called \'Sample Library Developer Advocacy\' where we can praise and flame the developers. This would give an area concentrated on building up and tearing down developers (I\'m kidding, but at least it would clear this space of that sort of thing).

    I agree with some of the above post concerning Gary. I haven\'t met a nicer guy..well I have never met Gary ...but I have never talked to a nicer guy that was involved in this business. I worked with him as a Beta tester and now a customer...he is all CLASS.

    I have never met Nick and at times he seems quite abrasive...but so what...he\'s a user of these sample libaries and I\'m interested in what works for him as well (Nick, you need to sample a Pipa for your next Rare Instrument library).

    So please...drop your stones and let\'s all go home. I am for everyone...I am for no one...I am Jubal, King of the Morons.

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    Re: Jealous Sample Developers Low Blow GOS Strings

    I have had enough of you dipsh*ts! Yes I helped Gary a little with his library. Does that make me a jealous sample library developer? NO, to the contrary! Does everybody who helped Gary have to keep their mouths shut? NO! That reminds me of our current government. \"You\'re either with us or your against us.\" I wanted GOS to be the ultimate string library. Its just not for me. Did I not say many good things about it?
    I stand by what I said 100,000 %. I am a working composer and have a right to voice my opinion on this forum!!! I am not making a string library, I just said that after hearing similar \"jealous sample library developer\" comments. How many f***ing times to I have to tell you blockheads this?

    [This message has been edited by Nick Phoenix (edited 02-02-2002).]

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    Re: Jealous Sample Developers Low Blow GOS Strings

    Like I said Nick, you have the right to voice your opinion and I\'m interested in hearing it...read above. What does dipshots mean?

    I\'m serious about the Pipa though.

    [This message has been edited by jubal (edited 02-02-2002).]

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    Re: Jealous Sample Developers Low Blow GOS Strings


    I\'m on free speech\'s side here.

    There are mp3s and raves for many libraries to be easily found around the net, but as someone else has already said, where else but a discussion forum like this, do you get to hear about the possible chinks in a library\'s armour?

    As difficult as criticism is to hear - especially of a brilliant library which has been lovingly and expertly crafted - this criticism can help you decide to actually BUY the targetted library. eg If someone raves about the fact that the library isn\'t wet enough, and I like my samples dry, then I know I\'m on the right track. If someone\'s only criticism of a library is that it doesn\'t have articulation \'X\', and I never use that articulation, then I know I\'m not losing out.

    Vague plaudits are much less useful than detailed critiques, however painful they may be, and I\'d much prefer to read balanced critiques by guys like Nick (he said GOS was the best available more than once) and Bruce, than cranky whinges or flowery love notes by people whose credentials are anonymous.

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    Re: Jealous Sample Developers Low Blow GOS Strings

    \"...where else but a discussion forum like this, do you get to hear about the possible chinks in a library\'s armour?\"

    That says it all. Simple as that. When spending a few hundred up to thousands of dollars on these CDs, a place like this is PERFECT.

    I\'m smart enough to weed out the comments from people that are angry or bitter for whacked out reasons, so if getting as many informed comments as possible means a couple of bad seeds popping in every so often, then I, for one, don\'t see much of an issue.

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    Re: Jealous Sample Developers Low Blow GOS Strings


    [This message has been edited by donnie (edited 02-03-2002).]

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    Re: Jealous Sample Developers Low Blow GOS Strings

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by donnie:
    What about all the noise?


    Noise???? uhm.. where?

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    Re: Jealous Sample Developers Low Blow GOS Strings

    Gentlemen? please.

    Donnie: Your samples rocked everyone here. I know it, they know it. You\'d better know it.

    Nick: You\'re a killer composer and take great leaps in the art of sampling.

    Gary: Great guy. Great work.

    Seems to me that the 3 mentioned are the real pros here and they have not only the right but the knowledge to talk about their craft.

    OK, so now I should get a discount from, DSSoundWare, QuantumLeap and Garritan, right?

    Just kidding. Just want peace among the peoples

    [This message has been edited by Francis Belardino (edited 02-02-2002).]

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